Shadows In The Night

Ok Im just gonna get this done for Zippy face.

Name: Zippity Do Da
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Earth Pony (+2 to a roll if roll is a 1 or 2 for stability. Costs 1 mp each)

Gumption: 4
Quickness: 5
Excitement: 3 (can add to roll for adrenaline, -1 MP)
Smartness: 2
Caring: 3
Friendship: 1 (Optional for characters to give a friendship point to other character when rolling)
HP: 15
MP: 5
CutieMark: Speed-lined roller skate: optional +2 to quickness if he's using rollerskates to escape or move extra fast, costs one mp

-NEW Roller blades, leather hide armor, black cloak (use 2d4s for defense rolls with armor, or for attack rolls with blades)
- curved bar thing found in rubble... (use 1d8 for attacks + gumption, can not be used with quickness)
-Beautiful pristine katana, hanging at his side in a sheath (1d8 for attacks or defense)

HP left: 15
MP left: 5

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