Chapter 1: The So-Called Friends of Marko

Lt. Charlene Ganner, Human Scoundrel

~ Destiny's Rest Docking Bays: Docking Bay 3 ~

Darkness. Charlene slowly opened her eyes, reality coming back in fuzzy blurriness, "eughhhh...did you get the number of that speeder that decked me?" she said, unsure if it was internal dialogue or actually out loud. As her vision cleared, Charlene noticed that a face was looming over her. Indistinct at first, it sharpened into that of Mara, her eyes were only half open and a mere four or so inches from her very own. A blush graced her cheeks and her pulse quickened, "Ehm...Mara, yeah...ehm..."

Wiggling underneath the Zeltron, she frees one of her arms and gently rolls the woman off of her to the left. Charlene looked over to Luka on her right, hoping that the flush in her cheeks had subsided, "Eugh...yeah, I'm fine Luka. Just a bit groggy. Yeah I can get up..." She tilts slightly over to her left, bringing up her right leg and planting her foot on the ground and lifting her body with her arms. She pulled her arms back, expecting her left leg to move under her to support her weight, but when it didn't respond, Charlene came crashing back to the ground. "OH SHIIIT-" was the last thing she could exclaim before landing on Mara, her face ending right between the Zeltron woman's large breasts. Too embarassed and groggy enough to give a damn, Charlene feels defeated and just doesn't move. She talks, her voice muffled by the fabric of Mara's outfit and her breasts, "Ma weg duff no feem ou fe werfing..."

The Grease Trap
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No matter how hard Snipe tries to move he cannot leave the room. His sensors are locked on Caliana. He stops as he passes by Rowan and Arky kneeling down patting their shoulders before heading over to Caliana. "Excuse me miss. I do not believe we have been acquainted. I am SV-T18 Personal security and Protocol droid. I believe according to that first message, that the main life-support systems are not functioning within healthy parameters. It would be much more beneficial to us and those that are still alive to head where we can do more good. I cannot leave you here by yourself even if you still wish to stay, my programming will not allow it." Snipe tips his hat even if her back is turned to him, it is a force of habit for him by now.

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ Destiny's Rest Docking Bay 3 ~

Mara was last looking at the handiwork of that pilot with the grabby hands, but... now she feels alone, floating in a sea of darkness. She is not sure what is going on, confused, and then... OOOFF!

She was starting to come around when the breath is knocked from her. Her eyes squeeze shut tight and suddenly feels like she cannot breathe. “Ack... ulk... unnn.”

Mara instinctively clutches herself and ends up hugging Charlene’s head into her bosom as she struggles to force air into her lungs. Eyes shooting open, they are darting left and right. Holding onto the woman in her arms, like a stuffed animal or security blanket, she forces a breath and sucks in air. She coughs it back out.

Charlene’s face bounces up and then down again in her cleavage from the wracking of Mara's abdomen muscles.

Finally registering some conscious awareness of what’s going on, she is flat on her back in a Docking Bay for starters, Mara recognizes the utilitarian shampoo smell of the journalist laying on top of her with her hair half-escaped from its bun.

In a soft voice, still struggling to breathe comfortably, Mara rasps, “If you... are going... to start... foreplay... at least... give me... a chance to enjoy it.” As her lungs are working more or less normally again, she smiles wanly and releases her hugging of Charlene. She places her hands to either side of the other woman’s head and gently lifts her face up.

“Darling, you all right?”

Mara forces a playful smirk, but it evaporates in a wince as she takes stock of the new pains that are catching her attention now that the emergency of her not being able to breathe is over.

With Luka leaning over the two of them, she glances up at him and says, “Luka, I am not sure what kind of show we were putting on for you, but I think Charlene was playing a bit rough and tackled me.” The tone of her voice suggests that might not have been a bad thing.

Back to you voin, unless you want Glyph to go first.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Destiny's rest - The Grease Trap~

With his helmet on Oln slides over the counter top to join the other awake members of the bar. He quickly does a head count and makes sure Rowan was still breathing and producing the Force. Confident she is alive, even if she's had better days, Oln is ready to follow Ossek. He claps Kat on the back and points at her. "Now that is a take charge woman." Before and after he talks there is a slight crackle due to the poor mic in the second hand suit.

As they are leaving Oln hears the droid from before. Oln stops cold and turns on it. "Not a chance am I leaving you alone with anyone Droid. Cat had a damn good point about all the new arrivals and now this happens. No you get to come with us and you get to walk in front. What was it you said your master was? A smuggler, pirate? It's only a matter of time before you go all kill all organics on us, so like I said get up front."
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Turning, Katjur watched with veiled curiosity as Ossek managed to bring Oln around, the Mandalorian quickly getting to his feet and searching for the "armor" he had hidden behind the bar.

"Ossek has the right of it. Will you be joining us Cali?" The Trianii studied the girl for a moment. She didn't look like a combatant, but Marko had called for everyone who was capable. Surely, if she was up and running as quickly as the others, then her fortitude must be of note. "Oln mentioned earlier .... force users working here."

"Oln, do you know of any place we could arm ourselves, or should we expect Marko to do so?We could stop by your apartment, if you wanted to check on your family. At least, I am willing to make a detour, if no one else is as empathetic."

Chewing on that thought, Katjur waited to take the rear of the group, content to let others lead the way, and make sure no one got the drop on them.

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Snipe turns around dead cold and his visual sensors turn red "The only Organic I will kill is you if you do not lay off my back.." Thats when all his defenses drop, internal and those he is not aware of. To the Miraluka SV-T18 would suddenly glow alight with life like a living being.

"Sir Katjur do not speak to this man of empathy for he has no way of comprehending the word. He feels nothing for life beyond his own that I can see. He would stab a Taun-taun to watch it bleed.. And Mando Bucket brain.. Do not think I will tolerate more of your condescension." Snipe remains as a living entity in the force. Obviously being pushed so far into anger by Oln that he cannot mask it any longer.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Destiny's rest - The Grease Trap~

How did Kat always know what to say? Oln ignores the... droid? Though the force tells him his family is alive he does want to check on them. In fact he'd planned to break off from the group when they neared the apartments. Oln didn't think there were high odds that there had been a stun grenade pack an the residentials, but if there had been the thought of what one might do to an infant concerns him. "I plan on checking in on them. I'm sure my wife is fine but I'm concerned about my little girl. I'm sure we can deal with a little company if your willing to come along."

Keeping a cold gaze on the droid Oln reaches up into a pocket and pulls out a black cylinder. He snaps his wrist and the cylinder expands to a short
Not an actual full meter snap baton, this uses stats for a regular baton from core rulebook
baton. He holds it to the side for Kat. "You can use this if you don't want to get your claws dirty. If you want a blaster I'm sure Zeth won't mind lending you his. Otherwise we are likely waiting until we get to the security hanger."

Finally the Mando'ade addresses the thing again, "Congratulation's you've just upgraded from droid to monster. I don't know what your trying to prove or how you learned your little trick but its not helping your case. And lets play the examine reasonable response game shall we. Droid clearly malfunctions and I don't fall over myself to treat it like something its not. I am suspicious of a new arrival on the day of a station wide attack. I have not made a single offensive act, in spite of the fact that I could have blasted a hole in you for the threat you represented. You on the other hand have decided because I've offended you murder is the first and best option in this situation? You assume because I don't like you that I am an uncaring machine? Yes, clearly I am the unreasonable one here."
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"Perhaps we should save the confrontations until later? We are needed elsewhere." Katjur wanted to act the diplomat, but was unsure of how to diffuse the situation. What was the protocol of handling this type of thing when an entire station was on high alert? Emotions were already running hot, and each spark that came from the clashing of personalities only further added to the chances of the powder keg exploding.

Turning down the Baton, he nodded his thanks to the Mandalorian. "My claws will do, for now. Perhaps it is wise if we split up? Ossek and Snipe can make their way to the Hangar, while Oln, myself, and Cali make a detour towards his apartment? If nothing else, it should give you two some time to cool off."

Flexing his hands, Kat stretched his muscles, body ready for action should anyone still be lingering around the station.

Unable to find any characters in game 12490
Snipe tilted his head at Oln's mentioning of a trick "I do not know what trick you are meaning Mando.. And as for the reasonable response game.. I was a droid who walked into the bar with no pretense of being hostile. I merely state something that made strategic sense and you go on to Bring me down because I happen to be a droid. how logical does that sound? To judge a being that has the spark of life on nothing more than his exterior plating? If I had been anything but a droid you would not have treated me with such disdain. How logical of a response is that?" snipes eyes turn green and he seems to relax a bit

"From you I have received nothing but racist remark and disdain. Now when I show conern for leaving a person alone after an obviously planned attack I get treated like I had a part in it. Would you in my circumstance treat that with or without hostility?"

"ENOUGH!" Ossek shouts at both Snipe and Oln, "Do I need to find you children a wetnurse? We have a crisis here so stop behaving like infants and start acting like adults. You don't have to like each other, but keep your comments to yourselves." She glowers at each in turn before turning to Katjur, her voice lowering back to normal levels with a deep breath.

"That is an excellent idea. You two go now and catch us up at the hangar. You two are with me." The last she says to Cali and Snipe. Ossek walks straight up to Cali and places a hand on her shoulder. "Now."


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