OOC 1: Oldok Village

Alright, let's do this!

[EDIT] Hey, I've got good news for Sven. He should have +5 hp from martial endurance for a total of 49 hp.

Oh forgot to tell you. Everyone put in a Perception(Wis) check every time you make a post. You are supposed to be actively watching for trouble.

@windchill edit one into your first post.

Made an attempt to join the game and it seems my original is still pending. ^_^*

OOOPS! forgot about that

Edit: Official Invites are out and argent yours has been accepted.

Woopwoop! Also, Daeron's meant to be hard to hear, so I thought the color and size would reflect it well. If it's too much of a pain and I should change it, just lemme know.

The size is fine, but change the color. Us computer geeks have bad enough eyes.

And Don't worry about waiting for everyone else to post to respond right now. That will really only be an issue if there is action about. Converse freely until then. I image there will be 2 or 3 separate conversations going on in the mean time.

Hope that's better?

Good enough for me I can read that without hurting my brain.

And it looks like someone violated the first rule of raising livestock. As I farm-boy myself I can tell you. You should never befriend anything you might have to eat.


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