01 - Life's Bazaar: IC

Azarilos joins Siirna at the door to see if he can help to listen as well.

[occ] maybe not [ooc]

Siirna moves up to the door and places her ear near the ground where a little light is showing through. She is able to make out Ghelves talking to several different people. From the conversation it sounds like it's the city watch as they're questioning him about how many of the creatures he was aware of. She also notices a small note scribbled on a piece of paper, "Wait till the watch is gone, you don't want to attract too much of their attention, they can't be trusted". It's signed "Ghelves".

Quietly, Siirna picks up the note and steps back towards the group. Without a word, she holds out the note for the others to see, her head tilted quizzically. She remains focused on listening for any signs of movement from the other side of the door as she holds out the note.

Azarlios, after seeing the note, motions for everyone to move back down the stars, so that they won't alert the guard to their presence. After they reach the bottom of the stars Azarilos suggests, "We could probably rest now if you guys want to since it looks like we will have to wait anyways."

Siirna nods, "Sounds good to me. Should we take turns keeping watch, just in case?"

After a few hours the door opens and Ghelves comes down the stairs with a lantern. He looks a bit tired but his eyes light up when he sees you. "Thank goodness, it looks like you're safe. Do you have my familiar with you? I sensed he was safer".

He looks around the room, raising his lantern to get a better view. The flickering light plays across the ruined masks and looks quite eery. "Amazing", he whispers, "This place must have been beautiful before the plague."

He regains his focus and turns back to the you all "Ah, and the guards won't bother you about this since they don't know you were involved. Shall we head back upstairs? I went ahead and ordered in elven takeout."

"Hi, Ghelves we indeed have your familiar," which Azarilos hands. "We also found this mimic hear who might be of use to you since he used to help the gnomes when they we're down here. Just make sure you keep him feed." Azarilos then thinking of food says, "A yes, elven takeout sounds good," Azarilos than moves to follow Ghelves upstairs.

Jaythor sheaths his sword and slides his axe into its loop of leather, then he ascends, but he stops to bow Siirna through the door before entering the gnome's lockshop himself.

Siirna smiles and nods at Jaythor's gesture. "Thank you" she says before passing through.


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