Character Concept One
Lady Phaedra Belisarius, Daughter of an Ancient Navigator House

Character Concept Two
Echo Blade, Inquisitorial Assassin with a Past

This application isn't to your guidelines, and I fully expect your decision will be negatively influenced because of that.

Regardless, I have an idea for a supremely mutated character that will be shaped to fit into your storyline but requires character creation rolls to actually be built up in order to build a real background and how he joins the crew. I am including two of my other Rogue Trader characters as an example of what characters I have made in the past and both will have a brief RP sample to showcase what you could expect from me in terms of righting skills. This is like an app for a player and not a character, though if you feel as though Villas or Jonas would be a good fit for your team, then I would of course be willing to dust off these characters.

If accepted, I will make(or remake) a background and do the Assignment 1: Interim project with the assumption that I will receive nothing in return for it(no xp, chance at a fate point or a shot at a piece of gear). I want to do this to give you a real application.

So I am offering a choice between three characters here, two detailed below, and one custom made based on mutation rolls.

Villas Geralt (Pronounced Vee-yahs
Kinda like Harold

Physical Description: A
Relatively speaking... he is only dark skinned compared to most other voidborns
dark skinned, slight void born with a devilishly arrogant smile. His disheveled, loose fitting uniform is rarely buttoned up properly. His dark hair is arranged in cornrows ending in a
maybe it should be called a bunny tail instead
very short ponytail. A very small and thin
ala Gomez of the Adam's Family
mustache graces his face, and appears to be the only thing that is well maintained about his appearance. Villas fancies himself a ladies man, and his good looks goes a long way to counteract his hubris.
Height 1.73 Meters Weight 72 Kilograms Age 23 Eyes Violet

Personality: Eager, casually insolent and
Perhaps foolishly so
brave - Villas is set to take on the universe, yet fears that he might not be ready... the loss of his master put a small hitch in his young invincible outlook on life

Background:A promising protege to
A renowned yet aging Voidmaster
Ashar Nortega, Villas was groomed to be his replacement(ala Interrogator to an Inquisitor) but during a relatively routine mission Ashar froze at a crucial moment and Villas had to take over piloting the ship during a firefight against pirates Needless to say, the
Augustas' father no less
Rogue Trader decided that Ashar was unfit for duty and decided to give his protege, regardless that his training was incomplete, the position. Ashar cast a long shadow and Villas plans to make his own mark, yet fears that if someone as strong and capable as Ashar can fail... perhaps Villas will not be far behind.

JonasJonas Iscariot

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