It's The Little Things

Ruvria's comforting words were nice, if slightly wasted. Sam wasn't sure she actually had anything to look forward to when Tobias was put back together, and she was doing her very best not to get her hopes up. "The waiting isn't as bad as the not knowing. Still, it would be good not to have it take too long. Leaving Tobias inside of Chel doesn't feel right." She had nothing further to say on the matter.

Something in Jasper twinged in irritation at Sam's words. No, if he was honest, he was already annoyed. How hard had it been to get Ruve to relax and tend to herself in this time? Damn hard. She insisted in working herself to the bone, regardless of her own happiness or needs, and all of it to try and solve the puzzle of Tobias. He'd worked to get her to relax, to take things slowly and, in his humble opinion, Ruve had still managed to make significant progress.

Yet, here they sat, and Ruve dissolved into apologies and bad feelings for not doing what she knew she ought? It made him want to yell, to demand that everyone thank Ruve repeatedly for all of her hard work, for them to ask her pleasantly for their tasks in aiding her in solving her quest.

Instead, they got Sam bitching about the time spent and lack of progress. Where had she been during all of this? Tending to her own needs. Did it occur to her that some at this table hadn't had such a vacation? Even Aurelia had been busy hunting.

Well, he considered it a vacation, truthfully. Yeah, he'd work and furthered his own Name, which had been no small amount of work, but he'd spent it with Ruve. That, alone, made it a delight. Perhaps the feelings he was experiencing was at the thought of losing her, again.

No. Likely not. Couldn't be.

Still, he forced himself to stay silent for a few moments while he finished his soup. "I'm sure that no one at this table wants Tobias to be a cat, yeah? That's the one thing that focuses all of us, from one angle or another. And I think it's fair to say that all of us, when we get the first piece of the puzzle, are gonna unite to make sure that ain't the case."

"I didn't say anybody wanted him that way." Sam left off the follow up that Tobias was that way because of them because it would only lead down the path of he'd still be a prisoner without them and an argument. She didn't want to argue. "I can't stay much longer. Do you want help cleaning up?"


Ravan didn't know where the sense of sension between Jasper and Sam came from - but he knew that sort of undercurrent when he felt it. After a few moments of attentive listening, he spoke up again. "Very well. Then it seems I should contact this Lady and ask her permission. Is there a particular means by which I can do so?"

"Better ask forgiveness than permission," Jasper said with a little shrug. "You're mine, so it should be good. She n' I have an understanding. Besides, there's never a good way to get a hold of her." He nodded and leaned back in his chair a little, still feeling a little annoyed without being able to put his finger on why. No doubt he'd figure it out later when it was too late to do much about. "I'll co-ordinate with Derek; make sure he can drop us off while he's playing caravan."

He glanced over at Sam, his eyes flickering down to her food. It was hardly touched, but then, he'd figured it'd be that way. She hadn't eaten a damn thing since he'd met her; probably that ring she wore, if he was any judge. It was caution that he approved of. "I'll clean up, Sam. Don't you worry about it, yeah? This lot has some packing to do n' I need something to keep my hands busy."

"I can let Derek know you're coming; it won't be a big deal. Thank you for the meal." Sam stood and then took Ruvria by the arm and tugged her gently toward the door. It wasn't really privacy, but Sam had gotten used to that being around Helmenites for eight months.

At the door, the paladin pulled Ruvria into a long hug while she tried to phrase what she wanted to say. "Thank you for working on this thing. I'm sorry there's nothing I can do to help, but if you need anything - anything at all - come find me. Love you." Sam gave her friend one last squeeze and then let herself out.


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