Kanspo is a moon orbiting a massive gas giant. Dust, salt fields, and brush cover the barren moon. Its system's sun is just out of range of a nearby black hole. This black hole has become a popular dumping ground for ships and other space junk belonging to various criminal factions, minor Outer Rim based companies, and occasionally the even the Empire. The massive junk yard circling the hole has drawn thousands of scavengers who take their ships up to the hole to recover usable parts. They have settled in a makeshift town consisting entirely of shanties, landing fields, and more junk.

Planet Name: Kanspo
Location: Tragan cluster, Outer Rim Territories
Moons: N/A
Rotation Period: 13 hours.
Orbital Period: 678 local days.
Climate: Arid
Gravity: Standard
Atmosphere: Breathable
Primary terrain: Salt fields, shallow lakes, brush
Official Language: Galactic Basic Standard
Population: 10 thousand sentients
Capital City: "The Edge"