Just to the west of Hamen's Church, in that little cove (next map will have a scale on it, but your landing zone was between a mile and half a mile from the church).

Hmm... I must have been looking at an older version of the spell... yes, I see now that my version was from the Planar Handbook. That's what I get for using a google search rather than opening a book. The older version magnifies the radius by 10 apparently. I'll edit to provide more detail but a smaller radius.

I told you the location of the spell, heheh.. I think I even mentioned the page number when I first asked for it! With the google document, I mean..

Oh, I know; it was a total lapse on my part. I thought what I was looking at seemed overly powerful but, having already approved it, I just went with the flow.

Could you mark the 'likely settled areas' on the map that were within Soelan's spell?

Or at least provide a scale measure?

Also, every other day, he would add an extra casting of this spell, as they make more progress.

Map updated with scale. Will update again showing likely settlements.

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