Chapter 2: The Meeting

Tosc, listening to Orion figured he better give some more information on the dragons, "For those of you who have not had the pleasure of dealing with the dragons and their spawn... the spawn are in most cases dumb beasts. There are exceptions but not many that we have seen. The dragons themselves.... that's a different story. Let's hope we don't have to be too blunt about crossing their thresholds."

"These foci, what does it take to seal them once we actually reach them?"

"Aye, the sealing method's the important bit. If it's a quick process we might be able to sneak ourselves out to the site before the Dragonkin are the wiser, but if it takes some time....well, we'll either have to bludgeon our way to them or draw the Dragons and the Fiends out with a distraction of some kind."

The blink dog got up and moved closer to the globe, walking around it once before sitting down in front of it and letting out a series of barks and whines.

Déorhild considered this, "That's a pretty good idea, Tyr."

The blink dog flattened its ears as it looked back at the Dwarf.

"Only to you, my friend." She looked back at the others. "My companion suggested giving the Dragons and fiends something else to think about while we're attempting to seal up the loci, because if they figure out what we're about, that's going to make things more difficult for us. If they've got another problem and we're not obvious about what we're doing, they might not pay us much mind."

"Tyr always has been the smarter of you two" Tosc says playfully to his old companion.

"I don't know about others here but if it can be done by stealth... well, I can do it. I gotta admit I kinda like the idea of bearding one or more of those ole drakes, perhaps
One of the Dragons the Tosc and Déorhild meet early in their time here
he says with a short laugh.

Déorhild put a hand over her heart in mock injury. "I'm besieged on all sides! you wound me my friend."

Letting out a bark of laughter that had a slightly canine quality to it, she added. "But aye, I was thinking your scouts and my shamans could get in fairly easily. After all, no one pays attention to animals unless they act oddly, so a pack of wolves or the like should get us in with no problem."

"Unless we manage to stage a tri-pronged insertion, we're not likely to catch them unawares after the first or second locking." Orion piped up to the two friends and elaborated to the others. "Tosc and his forces should be able to sneak in to the first gate sight, but they won't be able to get them all at once. After that though, they'll be alerted to the possibility of stealth forces and ward against them. Dragons are very good at detecting things, and their spirits may not play fair, especially considering the boons they think they stand to gain."

"As I said before, it is entirely possible that we'll have to risk our lives and beings, probably in a frontal assault on the final one or two sites. Dragons and dragonspawn alike await us, and likely a few demons and devils."

Guurb smirks as he leans forward, smashing his armored fist into the table. "You tell us where to go, and the ogres will clear the way to whatever target you need."

The Orc looks at the gathered creatures and the ignorance with which they speak past each other, and is amazed how this is ever going to work out..

Tosc smirks slightly at the ogre's directness while appreciating the willingness to do what it takes.

Well, we've much more to hear, learn, and discuss before we can come close to putting any of our talents to use in this endeavor. It seems based on what little we do know our various peoples are likely willing to help. Now we need details so that we can prepare appropriately. Going at this ignorantly will only spell failure for ourselves and doom this world.

There is also a possibility I may be able to bring in support from one of the dragons. They and the Spirits of this world came to an understanding so as to not destroy this world in their fights. I doubt the dragons want to trade one means of destroying their new home for another.

I don't want any fights we do not have to have nor to stir the ire of the dragons any more than necessary.

Taking a pause Tosc looks around the room trying to gage the fellow members of the council. They had been coming together for years now but for most the only tie they shared was a destroyed homeworld.

Continuing Tosc looks back to the young half-human, "So, young Orion. If my companions are agreeable tell us what you know so that we can plan appropriately wither stealth, sword, diplomacy, or whatever is appropirate to what we learn."

"Well, if there is any diplomatic effort to be made, I can help there, and I can be somewhat subtle in movement, it is not however my speciality." the Orc looks thoughtful for a minute or two...

(subtle in movement: you all do note the gigantic sized shield he has hanging near him...)

Déorhild nodded. "I agree that we shouldn't spill any more blood than absolutely necessary. Our old home saw far too much bloodshed and I'd like to avoid continuing that here. Stealth and words should be our first weapons, and all else should come after."


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