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Top 3 books or series you discovered for yourself

Discovering Spellfire was similar, 4th grade, just moved, found a book without a cover in a room under the stairs. After devouring that I went looking for more things by Ed Greenwood and accidentally discovered this brand new RPG called AD&D. With my meager income it was a few months of mowing lawns before I was able to buy the Player's Handbook.

Dude as children we were just asking to stumble upon the necronomicon. Randomly reading strange coverless books we find where there should be no books.

Coverless books are ALWAYS the most awesome of books.

Yeah I also found a copy of the worm ouroboros in a similar manner

There's a horror game for you.... What would happen if some kids, intelligent, socially maladjusted kids, found the Necronomicon.......

That is a game idea we shall run it with the date system for I am learning it presently

Who's running it?

  1. The View from the Mirror Quartett (A Shadow on the Glass, The Tower on the Rift, Dark is the Moon, The Way between the Worlds) by Ian Irvine
  2. Nightangel Triology (The Way of Shadows, Shadow's Edge, Beyond the Shadows) by Brent Weeks
  3. Mistborn Triology (The Final Empire, Well of Ascension, The Hero of Ages) by Brandon Sanderson
And as a bonus (since yet unfinished), though I could go on and on...
  • The Lightbringer Triology (The Black Prism, TBD, TBD) by Brent Weeks

Mist born is great. Kung fu, magic, heist awesome

Light of Eidon was pretty good, along with The Unsuspecting Mage, and Lev Grossman's " The Magicians ". I don't remember the unsuspecting mage very well, but I know that it entertained me for a while. Light of Eidon and the magicians were both very good books.

I agree wholeheartedly with the Nightangel trilogy. They were awesome books. I also wanted to add the first couple books in the sword of truth series. The first couple books are great, but towards the end they just kind of putter out.


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