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Who Would Win

Who Would Win

Post two opponents, or two sides, who would face each other in a fight. Responder has to say who and why, then post their own match for the next person. Fight on!

Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim) vs Baby Doll (Sucker Punch)

THey both kill each other because they're both lame?

Carl Sagan versus Billy Idol

Billy idol just becasue he did rebal yeall and white wedding.

Harisson Ford or Bill Muray

Bill Murray is a funny guy, but Harrison Ford can take just about any role and make it awesome.

Yosemite Sam versus Boris Badenov

Malevolent. At least she didn't jump around shouting her weaknesses in the middle of a forest. Of course, she did turn into a dragon. Which, as we all know, is pretty much the same as becoming a giant snake. But still. Not completely stupid.

Red vs Blue.

Purple. They both suck as colours.

Richard (looking for group, as he is in current comics) VS V (Order of the Stick)

D'Argo. Worf has never won a fight against a skilled opponent and we all know it.

But on the subject. Superman vs Goku.

Superman becasue uless Goku happened ot have Kriptinite on him then he would'nt be able to even scratch superman.

Green Lantern V Batman


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