Game Applications

Game Applications

Post your character concepts here

My character idea:
I will roll dice, under your jurisdiction if necessary, to choose most, if not all, options of the character, and no matter how much I don't like it, play it to the best of my abilities.

One such character:

My rolls for the character:

Dice Roll: 1d7z
d7 Results: 3

Alright, he'll be a gnome (Again.)

Sorry, botched up the alignment thing, and whenever I try to reroll it it doesn't allow me to. Got Chaotic Neutral the second time around. That would work.

For the choice of classes (omitted some due to not being capable of playing them, either through alignment or personality)

Will he multiclass? Yes. to what class? Wizard (woo, that'll be a fun character.)

So he will be a random-tastic gnome rogue/wizard

And he is one of the people creating a world.
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d8

I'd like to play a Half-Orc Blood God Disciple Synthesist Summoner. It's a mouthful that basically breaks down to "I have a flesh suit made from the representation of Gorum [as far as my guy is concerned]".
The Half-Orc would be raised by an Orc shaman. He'd be greeted by some otherwordly force that bestows upon him a new form. Said new form, however, hungers for the foes that he defeats. He of course listens to the force, assuming it to be a manifestation of his God, and feeds the force any foes that he manages to defeat while the force is being worn. On another note, he'd be a good example of what happens when you have two races that traditionally war against each other getting along relatively well.

Well, I'm not sure how much you want here. If you are looking to just make rulings on mechanical things, I was thinking of a gnomish druid, probably with a flying, rideable giant beetle animal companion, all from the SRD.

If you are looking for roleplaying things, he would be fascinated with insects, because, well, bugs are practically clockwork.

As for the rest... Well, details tend to form while I am writing a backstory. So, this is all I really know about what I would want to play, at this point.

Withdrawing this concept, working on a different one.

I'm thinking a ratfolk ranger who is more trained in his intelligence than weaponry, branching a little bit into the Student of war Prestige class. He'd be much more likely to study a monster for weak points than go charging headlong into battle

I would like to play Dwarf Alchemist. Essentially I'll do exactly what the alchemist class does, throw potions, and drink potions. Not much else to it I suppose.

A little back ground and Role playing value: Hes going to be slightly crazed (Unhinged really) after an accident he had in his old workshop when a new potion he attempted to create exploded in his face. He passed out for several hours and awoke with visions of greatness displaying themselves in his head. So he decided to leave his old life behind and venture out on his own to show his great potential. His self confidence will show it self several times as he likes to boast, and assure everyone of his greatness (Or not so greatness). Dispite this he will try to never let on where he got his great potential, and so he may come up with several different stories on how he realized his great (or not so great) power, which can lead to some very confused people as he may have told them a story one day of what happened then a different story the next. Most of the time people tend not to believe he is a liar but instead that he perhaps is slightly crazed (Which I suppose is true).

That's basically the general idea of my character and I will continue to develop my background.

For a witch I’m thinking a half ork, unwanted by her human mother and sold off, who has been living in the wilds for most of her life, surviving off the land with her mentor and learning witch craft. She came to the new land when her mentor was killed by a band of mercenaries and she was forced to flee. Now she wants to continue her training and help out those who she feels are discriminated against.
She would be Chaotic good…

Or, I could play a Rogue. I’d like to play a drow, but if that’s impossible then just a regular elf will do, or maybe a half elf. She would be coming to the new land in pursuit of riches, looking to plunder the rich in the new land before too many other thieves and burglars show up to spoil it all. She is a free agent, through and through, and doesn’t care about much more than profit and the thrill of the hunt. She likes to target buildings with the best security and protection; to test her self and make others look bad.
She would be Chaotic neutral or just pain neutral

Character Name: Mausel Lemencs
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Alignment: CN (Strong Good Tendencies)
Physical Description: 5'7" tall, round. Balding, graying hair and beard.
Personality: I enjoy the company of friends with plenty of food, wine and other pleasurable company. I was once driven toward having great adventures to gain great sums of money... I retired once and all I have left now is a very large belly.
Personal History: Mausel was once part of a very successful crew of
sanctioned pirates
privateers; they stole from the enemies of the state in order to weaken the enemy forces. The crew was successful so even the lower members of the crew would be able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives... Mausel on the other hand lived lavishly for 10 years and it shows around his middle.
Now Mausel wishes to relive the cycle that he lived as a young man; make some money, have a wonderful time, blow it all in town, repeat.

Character concept, which can also be considered a brief background as well.

Micheal is a Spellsinger Wizard from an Alternate-Earth in which magic was not purged by the Chatholics during the Spanish Inquisitions, and later the Salem, witch hunts. Magic had been accepted as an acceptible form of science as a true combination of Biology, Chemisty and Physics. Magic had also been used by the Military to increase the potency of their armaments. The military was responcible for mantaining their own magical weapons and armor. Eventually, with their power left unchecked, the Military took over America and ruled over it in a dictatorship.

Micheal was sick of this type of life and wanted desperately to get away from it. When he was given the chance to leave for the new plane of existance he took it, hoping for a fresh start.

He would be a Human Wizard with the Spellslinger arch-type. He would give up the Illusion, Necromancy, Conjuration and Abjuration schools, focusing on attack spells due to his military training. He will also be responcible for the manufacturing of the magic items and grabbing item creation feats every time they are available. At level 5 I'd have the:Scribe Scroll, Craft Wonderous Item and Craft Magic Arms and Armor.


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