Allison Gard, the Ghost Goddess

Allison Gard, the Ghost Goddess

Allison Gard, the Ghost Goddess

Allison Gard




July 13






Skills and Abilities

Ghost Whisperer
  • Sixth Sense: Allison can see and hear the spirits of the dead who still wander the realm of the living.
  • Ghost Communication: All spirits can also see and hear Allison, no matter how lost they are.
  • Spirit Beacon: Restless spirits are drawn towards Allison due to her ability of interacting with them, seeking her out to solve their problems.
Echoes of the Dead
  • Ghost Binding: Allison can bind a willing ghost to herself, becoming an anchor to that spirit in this world and being able to summon them to her side, at will, by uttering their name.
  • Ghost Union: Allison can draw a bound ghost within herself, being able to access that ghost's abilities, skills and techniques for as long as they remain within her. This creates a strain on Allison's body, however, that increases with time; her current time limit for this ability is 10 minutes.
  • Ghost Materialization: Instead of drawing a bound ghost within herself, Allison can instead draw the ghost to the material realm, briefly allowing them to exist in the world of the living and influence the world around them. This creates an even larger strain on Allison, however, as the world pushes back against the ghost's unnatural existence; her current time limit for this ability is 2 minutes.
Expanded Mind
  • Geniality: Allison is a true genius, capable of understanding almost anything with the barest of efforts, from mathematics to biology to physics to anything else of academic nature (this also applies to magic or other esoteric knowledges, but it does not mean she gains the ability to cast or use them, only theoretical knowledge).
  • Eidetic Memory: Allison has perfect eidetic memory; she can remember absolutely everything she has ever experienced, and in perfect detail.
  • Quickness of Thought: Allison is not only a genius, but a quick genius. She can make calculations as fast as most computers, if not faster, and reach difficult decisions in only a few moments, after analysing all possibilities.
Wellspring of Harmony
  • Harmonic Presence: Allison's mere presence in a room is enough for tempers to subside and enmities to die out; people are far less prone to fighting each other and bickering when she is around.
  • Soothing Touch: Allison's touch can soothe and calm others, bringing tranquillity and peace of mind to troubled people and even animals, fending off nervousness or despair and allowing them to think things through clearly.
  • Kiss of Life: While Allison's touch soothes the mind, her lips soothe the body; Allison's kiss brings relaxation and washes out tiredness, and can even heal wounds and illnesses, closing cuts and knitting broken bones together. This is mostly dependent on Allison's strength, and she has already managed to heal up to broken bones and some nasty viral diseases.
Bound Ghosts

Jeanne d'Arc - The Maid of Orleans was the first spirit to be bound by Allison, doing so in order to help her understand and adapt to her new-found powers, and remains her truest friend and guide among all of the spiritual entities she has encountered.
  • Abilities: Jeanne is an honest-to-God knight; as such, she is adept with sword, lance, and bow. She also rides well and knows how to maintain her style of weapons and armour, if they are at all available. When materialized into the world, Jeanne appears in a full suit of armour, with sword and bow at her disposal.
Sasaki Kojirou - The master samurai was bound by Allison when she visited the island of Ganryuujima, the site of Kojirou's defeat at the hands of Miyamoto Musashi. Still existing as an enraged spirit after his cheated defeat, Kojirou fought and was defeated by Allison (using her Union with Jeanne d'Arc), finally being freed of his centuries-long enmity and accepting to be bound by Allison to clear his honour.
  • Abilities: Sasaki Kojirou is a Kensei, a master samurai; with his secret technique Tsubame Gaeshi, he is said to be able to cut a bird in mid-flight. He is also adept with the other skills of the samurai, including riding, archery and martial arts. When materialized into the world, Kojirou appears wielding his legendary 5-feet nodachi Monohoshi Zao.

Golf Bag - Allison almost always carries a golf bag around. Instead of a golf club, however, she hides inside a bokken, a wooden sword, which she can use as a weapon if she Unites with the spirits of either Jeanne or Kojirou.


Wallet - 50$


Rising Conflict:

The Wayward Samurai:

Still under construction, with more Stories and a list of Acquaintances and Friends to come. Just want to get this out there to maybe get some feedback going.

Edit: Thoughts and suggestions from the other applicants, as well as the Storyteller's, are welcome!

This is excellent and you should feel excellent for it.

I regret that I have but two thumbs to raise.

Is it odd that when I read through this, the theme to the Shaman King anime played in my mind?

Nope, Fate/Stay Night and Shaman King were the major influences behind the core concept.

Edited in a quick blurb about how Sasaki Kojirou became one of Allison's bound ghosts. Didn't go into much detail because I did not think it relevant, but I can expand on it if you think best, Illusionist.

My next couple stories are going to have a somewhat open-ended nature, so other applicants looking to make a joint application or have prior acquaintance with my character before the game begins feel free to do so - assuming that's ok with you, Illusionist?

I'll be starting off with individual threads for each character once play starts, but yes, it's perfectly all right if anyone wants to tie in.


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