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Oh god, seeing someone give up Conjuration causes me physical pain. I can't let that stand, so dimension hopping tour guide/charlatan Conjurer.

Either that, or some kind of demon-haunted magitech experiment gone wring; Terra from FFVI meets Alma from F.E.A.R. or something.

Name: Nuxokog (Darkwing)
Race: Strix
Class: Alchemist (Grenadier)

Nuxokog looks reasonably average, for a Strix. He has midnight skin, black eyes, and small black feathers where a human would have hair. He is man-sized, with an ape-like face, and larger ears than he would prefer. When Nuxokog moves, he is almost unnaturally silent, and his wings flex when he walks.

The alchemist prefers to wear utilitarian clothing, tight-fitting black leather armor, a belt pouch or two full of chemicals and devices, perhaps a vest full of loops and pockets for tools and storage. He is never without his longbow, and a bandolier of strangely-shaped flasks and ceramic containers.

Personality: Hesitant around strangers, Nuxokog is actually a rather gregarious, friendly guy. He loves spending time with other people, he loves the freedom of the skies, and he loves the little things of life; the taste of blackberries, the nighttime sky, that feeling when you realize you are in love. Nuxokog cherishes times like these, and wants more than anything else a chance to live in those moments, with a family he loves, in perfect safety. Perhaps because his people were hunted in their home-plane, he seeks more than anything to protect and defend others who cannot defend themselves.

Backstory: Nuxokog comes from a realm where his species was hunted, almost to extinction. Their fearsome appearance, and their habit of flying and hunting at night, made them an easily demonized group, hated and feared. They were called everything from vampires, to devils, to giant winged goblins; and, quite unfairly, every negative thing that happened to the humans in the valleys below their homes was attributed to them.

The quickly-maturing, readily-multiplying humans were able to send wave after wave of soldiers into their mountain forests, and their shamans and warriors were no match for the human invaders.

Nuxokog was trained by the shaman as a member of the Strix artillery; using their alchemical potions and poisons, they were able to fight back from the skies, as the 'infantry' swooped in to drop rocks and slash with swords, but their efforts were never enough. Eventually, with only a few others of his kind, they were forced into hiding, flying by night from treetop to treetop, constantly in fear of being caught...

Then, they heard about one of Invictus's portals. Spying on some dim-sighted tavern-goers, they overheard that it passed into a realm without war or want, where everyone lived in peace, and monsters could co-exist with people. Although the humans thought it a ridiculous thought, the Strix wanted nothing more than for it to be true; and, with the aid of scrying by their aged shaman, they eventually found a portal.

Character concept:
Jacob is a half-elf rogue/sorcerer. He is acquainted with Riggeem's character, Micheal. He too was in the military in that alternate-Earth. His role there was that of covert spy/thief. He snuck in and took what he needed, or put in place what was needed - secretly putting an end to enemies of the dictatorial government by whatever means necessary. While Micheal and Jacob weren’t necessarily friends, as friends, in Jacob’s line of work, were a liability at best, they both shared a dislike for what had become of their world. So when Micheal told him about this chance to leave, he was more than willing to take it.

He’s a half-elf rogue(3)/sorcerer(2). He uses his spells as tools to perform his stealthy task, like ghost sound, silent image for distractions, mage hand for a little ‘pick me up’, and so on. So his spells aren’t really for attack. His focus is on stealth and perception…he don’t miss much and you won’t see him coming.
As a result of his occupation, or maybe the reason he’s good at it, he’s very quiet. That is to say, he doesn’t talk much and when he does it’s just a few words and little more than a whisper, but also just plain doesn’t make much noise, as if he’s always being sneaky, which puts other people on edge sometimes.

Application deadline was yesterday all posts before this one have a chance of playing... i will be Pming those who I want to play tonight. I will let those know about stats and such and then we can get started shortly after that.

Alright, good to know. I'll trust you and your judgement.

I have selected 8 players I thought could add to the world... which means I will have two groups of four in my world.

Wait, isn't 8 players basically all the characters?

*goes back to count them all*

Okay, no. 4 characters will get denied access to the world.

I don't believe he sent them yet, either that, or I feel bad now.


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