OOC Thread

Well, I know I already posted interest in kick starting this (or any other BSG game for that matter), but I'll post here anyway.

And serenflipity had said they want to play. I'll give the others a little more time and then post an ad. Perhaps we'll start you two going again before worrying about being up to strength.

I've just finished Meleager's Ship Patch..

I made it with this tutorial, though I didn't do everything his way.. I can't use the pen tool the way he requires and I wanted a transparent background. I think I'm going to try doing another version with better wings.. that's the part I'm least satisfied with.

It looks pretty sharp. I'd be more than happy to have that on my bomber jacket.

But this one will look better on your shoulder.

In further news, I'm planning to start writing a post to start you guys up again tonight, and will probably put up an ad tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to it.

Not to self; never post before my first coffee of the morning...

So, I forgot to add d6 to the heavy weapons rolls due to Killer's rival complication. Shall I reroll?

No, leave it this time. I'm a little picky about the dogfighter in this context, so we'll call it even. Besides, you won. I'll be posting a narrative soon.


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