BSG: Escortstar Meleager Restarting

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BSG: Escortstar Meleager Restarting

BSG: Escortstar Meleager - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Viper One Zero, Meleager. You are cleared for Hands-on approach, vector two-two-eleven, carem four.

Acknowledged, Meleager. Inbound, two-two-one-one, carem four. Flipping the toggle for the transmitter, Reddog mutters to himself, "Frak, frak, I hate this part." The Mark VI Viper wobbles a bit as the young pilot twitches the control stick, but turns gracefully enough to line up on the landing deck of the Hunter Class ship.

Easy, Reddog, easy. Keep the throttle light, and flare right before touchdown. Just like the simulator. I'll be right behind you, Vector chimes in from just off his Port wing. The Mark VII flown by Old Mel's CAG slides gracefully back and takes up a following formation.

Easy for you to say, Vector. You're actually older than the ship you're flying. I still say we should just let the automatics handle our landings. Isn't that what they're for, anyway?

Sure, kid. The Automatics are great. But I'm not going to pass you if the only landing you can make is while you're sleeping. You don't have time in combat to let the ship do the work. You need to be able to come in hot and touch down, even dead stick if that's what it takes. Now throttle back thirty. Yeah, that's it. Nice and slow this time. Combat landing protocol will be the next step.

Reddog's Viper shudders a little in response to its pilot, but is now skimming only meters from the landing deck. Reddog throttles back, cutting relative velocity to near zero, and flares the fighter up twenty-five degrees. The Viper settles almost gently to the deck and slides only a couple feet before the mags kick in, bringing the fighter to a halt. Reddog sighs and slumps in relief. Finally, he hadn't slid into anything important.

Vector's Mark VII flips gracefully over the downed Viper as the CAG waves happily down at the nugget. Not bad, kid. You barely even scraped the deck plate this time. Now Checker owes me thirty cubits!

"Oh, frak me, Checker's gonna cream me at Pyramid tonight!"


After a long hiatus, I have come back to Myth Weavers, and I'm restarting my former game, Escortstar Meleager. Two of my former players have returned, and I'd like to garner 2-3 more players. Please make applications in the thread in the game, or ask any questions here.

Thanks for looking..

Game Description:

Meleager, or "Old Mel", is a Hunter-class Escortstar nominally assigned to BSG-75, technically under the command of Galactica and Commander Adama.

Meleager has been attached to the 24th Viper Training Squadron for the last seven years. Pilots in the final stages of their training are transferred to Meleager and her two accompanying vessels for their final six months of qualification for combat landing and manuevering training, keeping the Nuggets from "bothering" the flight crews of the 'Combat Commands'...vessels such as Galactica, Pegasus, and the members of the various 120 other-some-odd Battlestar Groups of the Colonial Fleet.

Meleager is slated for decommisioning during the next six months to a year, and as such has become a low priority posting for the fleet and the needs of the Admiralty. Combined with a mid-space collision three months ago that killed or wounded a significant portion of its crew and damaged a little over a dozen various small craft, and the Meleager is notably understaffed. Nonetheless, her Commanding Officer, Major Ivana Deering, has been ordered to prepare for a transfer to command of the Spatha (a Gladius-class Gunstar) after it finishes its refit, and intends to take almost all of her crew with her, so readiness and morale remain high in anticipation of a mass-move into a bigger and better vessel.

Old Mel is quite understrength at the current time, notably due to the aforementioned circumstances. With only 416 crew (of her alotted 800), a short air group of 20 Vipers (most manned by Nuggets), and a single flight of Raptors, the ship, though maintained as well as possible by Major Deering, is not quite up to full fighting strength. While she is capable of handling the pirates that plague the Erebos Belt or even a couple of pitched wartime battles, her dearth of personnel and small craft would doom her quickly if the war resumed...unless she found additional personnel and small craft in short order.

Meleager is currently on the outskirts of the Erebos Belt, conducting training missions in the fringes of the asteroids; today is the day that Galactica retires and then proceeds to Caprica to meet up with an honor guard composed of most of the Colonial Fleet to be escorted to its final resting place in orbit as a 'living museum'. The crew of Meleager, however, has already had to deal with several 'incidents'--none directly Cylon-related yet--and has had their first major 'situation' drop in on them...and it has only been three hours since most of them came on-shift.

<<APPLICATIONS ARE WELCOME AT ANY TIME>> Please, feel free to join in.

The game should be considered 'fanon' in all senses rather than 'canon'. In point of fact, most Colonial Fleet ships other than Battlestars, Vipers, and Raptors are purely speculation in view of the re-imagined series. However, the game will attempt to stay within the bounds of the 'feeling' of the re-imagined BSG series. Note, I am incorporating what we saw in 'Caprica' as well as both 'Razor' and 'The Plan' (now also 'Blood and Chrome'); while there are still the same number of 'skinjobs', things will not go down the same path as the series as the campaign progresses. This is a 'possibility'--just as equally valid--as what we saw. After all, "All this has happened before, and will happen again." Nowhere was it ever said it happened the same way.

This game is aiming to give the players and PCs a view of the world of the Second Cylon War from a different angle, looking to give the players that 'feel' while still giving them something new. This is going to be a relatively malleable campaign...

Characters are 'Recruit'-level and submitted in the 'Application' thread in the Game Forum. Players will be non-senior Fleet/Marines Officers/Enlisted or Civilians that end up in vicinity of the Escortstar Meleager in the Erebos Belt of the Helios Alpha subsystem on the day that the original Battlestar Galactica, BS 75, retires. This would also be the day that the Cylons are putting 'The Plan' into action...well, depending on the Cylon Faction, 'The Plan' Varies. What the PCs do can affect (although neither stop nor negate) the Cylon attack on the Colonies.

For major decisions--such as what the Meleager will do in the aftermath of the attack, or how a given event takes place--the players vote in the OOC Thread on one of several options. Simple majority carries, although reasonable compromises combining elements from several options (and explaining how they will do X) reached between the players and presented to the GM is also accepted.

Fan-made resources in use for this game; take ideas freely from this, but please check agains the 'Background' Thread Group on the forum. While many thanks are due to the team that put together these useful resources together, I have a fairly clear picture of how the Colonial--and Cylon--'war machines' work. It is based on what we see in the series, combined with ideas from these three books, and then shaped with practical knowledge of what an actual, functional military takes to there are differences to these books.
Colonial Warbook IIe (Hunter Class is on p 116.)
The Thin Blue Line
Ares Guide to Infantry Weapons of the Colonies

This is the map that is based on the writers' notes and 'bible' for the new BSG; we are using this as opposed to the MWP-produced map. (This one makes a great deal more sense.)
Detailed Map of the Twelve Colonies

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I'd love to get in on this. I almost got into one before, and its great fun making characters for this. I can have at least something up soon, but i wanted to throw this up as interest early and get the ball rolling

Huzzah for a BSG game! I've got what I think is a great character concept I rolled up for a game a while back, but the character is a former marine... and currently a convict. I imagine that concept wouldn't work too well with what you have planned?

What roles do you want players to fill. I.e. Are you only interested in viper pilots? Or are others like raptor pilots, marines, or non-commisioned officers ok?

Originally Posted by lock426 View Post
What roles do you want players to fill. I.e. Are you only interested in viper pilots? Or are others like raptor pilots, marines, or non-commisioned officers ok?
Well, at the moment, I have a Viper Trainee and a Marine Officer-in-training. Basically, I am happy for you to fill any role on the ship. As you saw in the series, anyone can be important, from the CAG to a deckhand. I would prefer if you chose a posting on Meleager itself, but I can work with a posting on Echidna Base or one of the other ships in the squadron. See the game forums for what I'm talking about if you don't know.

Are there Electronic counter measures in the game? I was not able to find any references to them.

Originally Posted by lock426 View Post
Are there Electronic counter measures in the game? I was not able to find any references to them.
There's not a lot of detail on it, but yes, ECM does exist in the settng and in the game. Look up Electronic Countermeasures in your index.. If I had to choose a skill for it to be a specialty of, I'd pick Technical Engineering.

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