Cafe Alpha

Cafe Alpha

Blood flowed down the streets like a natural stream of water of fairly large size flowing in a definite course or channel or series of diverging and converging channels. Bodies lay everywhere of all clearance levels. Yellows next to Infrareds, Violet with Greens, and Blues with Reds (which actually made a very nice purple). The stench of the slaughtered would make lesser citizens heave up their Computer approved lunch. But one citizen seems completely unaffected. Some would call him The Greatest Citizen in all of Alpha others The Bravest Citizen in all of Alpha and still others would call him The Smartest Citizen in all of Alpha. All would be correct.

As he walks through the bodies and gore not a drop of blood touches his emasculate white robes. Some would say that the blood is repealed by his greatness or that since red was below his clearance none of it would dare touch his robes. A commie would suggest that it had something to do with the half dozen scrubots clearing a path in front of him, but they would soon be executed.

He shakes his head in sadness at the carnage as he walks. "Such loss of life. So many clones have been lost these past monthcycles. My heart aches for each one of them...How do these wars even start..."

A Blue Clearance walking behind him carrying a clipboard says, "You remember sir? You had an argument with McCarthy-U-WIS-4. He said the Green Bay Packers are the best Alphaball team and you said it was the Bears...shots were fired, Vultures sent in, soon the whole sector was ablaze!"

An IR following behind picks up a fallen laser rifle and quickly blasts the Blue citizen to ashes. The Ultra-Violet turns to him, "Well done citizen. You are promoted to Red for eliminating such an obvious commie. An argument like that would never take place. It's common knowledge that the Bears are the best Alphaball team. No one would dispute that.

But we will never know what started this. Sadly all security tapes leading up to the event have been erased in a commie plot...
" He hangs his head in sadness. A single tear rolls down his cheek. "All we can do is rebuild! And rebuild we will! Soon this whole sector will be in the Bears colors and logos! And then all of Alpha!"

All citizens, that are still alive, very enthusiastically start cheering the greatness that is Stormcracker-U-CHI-5!

I have returned!

*Waits for cheers to die down*

What would you guys like to do? Start Mr. Bubbles over or a new mission all together.

Good to see ya! I'd be down to continue, but since it was early on anyway a new mission wouldn't change much

I'm happy either way, just to be striving for the glory of Alpha Complex once more will be fantastic, oh.... and the... Boars was it? No, I mean Bears. Gooooooooo Bears!

Er, Stormcracker could you reinvite me. I think some commie traitor declined the original when I wasn't looking.

Hallelujah! If we start a new mission altogether, I would prefer to receive a totally randomized clone.

Wahwho! Gangs all here! Recruiting is such a pain for Paranoia so I am not going to. I would prefer six, but it is easily doable with four.

I will take a look through my collection today and figure out a good mission.

Okay, I think I made up my glorious mind.

I want to start fresh and I have a good mission. Sroske you want me to give you a clone right? Anyone else want to be given one?

If you want to make your own clone feel free to start. Use the same method as before, I will put up the details and Private Threads shortly. I will also put up the first post shortly, just to give everyone a feel for this mission.

Edit: You are creating Red Clearance Troubleshooters.

Feel free to make mine lol I kinda enjoy seeing what kinda whacky Troubleshooter I get

First IC post is up. Do not feel obligated to post right away. I think this will be a fun adventure. It is a bit different from the standard Troubleshooter missions. For this mission you are all seasoned Troubleshooters. You have been teammates for some time now and you have more then one mission under your belts together.


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