A Fresh Start (Group 2)

He looked at you funny, "Veniam? Ego non intellego quid vestris dicens?" He bows his head and continues to work. He keeps digging a large hole for a support beam.

Not waiting for Micheal to start giving orders, and not wanting to be stuck with only him to talk to, Jacob takes it on himself to act. But not understanding a lot of the languages he's hearing, he decides to try something...

"Anybody else speak common here?" he calls out, hoping to get at least a few people that he can talk to. He also tries elven and dwarf, just in case.

G'Olga raises her hand; "I do!" She calls out. She walks over to Jacob hoping to make friends.

Jacob meets G'Olga and offers his hand in friendship.
"Hello, my name is Jacob. I'm from...well, I don't guess it matters much where any of us are from," he says. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

Taking Jacobs hand; “Greetings, name’s G’Olga. I have to admit I was a little worried I was going to have to pick up a new language for a second there.” She looked at the pile of tools and lumber. “So do you know how to use that stuff?”

Some other people raise there hand but very few speak common.... Some Gnomes, as well as some elves very odd looking human, gold tinted in skin color.

"Just because their language isn't something we can understand yet, doesn't mean it's not common, it just meams that their common is different from ours." Micheal walks up and gives a small bow to the Half-Orc "My name is Micheal, a pleasure to make your aquantince." he looks over at those that raised their hands and sighed.

"Though, with the spell I have on, I can devise a way to learn other peoples languages and writings over time, should I devote myself to it, I should be able to learn other peoples common and either teach it to others, or devise a whole new one that everyone can speak equally." he shrugged and switched topics seemingly on the turn of a dime "I do believe, however, that it would be in everyones best intrests if those of us that share a common tongue form a village together so that there wont be any major misunderstandings right off the bat."

"Sounds good to me." Said G'Olga offering one of her hands to Micheal. “A common language would help out a lot. Being able to talk to them right now would be good though, anything you can do about that?”

"I admit I don't know much about engineering or building, though I’ve spent most of my life in the wilderness and with some help, I can hunt and forage enough food for everyone. I also have a knack for healing and if anyone gets injured I should be able to treat them.”

She looked at Jacob; “So then, what are your strengths?” She asked.

Jacob hadn't really planned on having to build an entire village. His idea of a new beginning wasn't actually beginning from scratch. But it could be worse, he thought. About then, he heard the half-orc's question.

What are my strengths? he wondered. Do I tell her the truth...I steal things, kill people? Not much help here in our new world.

"I'm good at...finding things." he answered rather awkwardly.

Feeling rather uncomfortable, Jacob excused himself and went to speak with some of the other folks that shared his 'common' language. The golden skin fellow caught his eye and he decided to see what his story was.

Extending his hand, he says, "Hello, friend, I'm Jacob."

"Hello Jacob my name is Thanitos, my brothers and I are here from the order of the Holy One! We heard about a fresh start and no war so we hopped on over here. We're also here to spread the word of the Holy One, letting all the peoples of all the planes about his Holiness' plans. If you want to we are more than happy to tell you about his story and how he saved our great nation way back when our world was just beginning." He seems very happy and every word said is with a tone that is matter of factually.

The Half-Orc grunted and pounded his chest bowing his head lightly. "My name is Kobad, it is good to meet you as well human." he shook his hand in return.


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