Just saying. You've got a rifle? I've got a bomber. I fly stealth, at night. With the rest of my clan.

Good times.

Plus, the wizard, and the freaky-guy in armor.

Of course, the DM said this is a dimension without war, so I am guessing that won't be an issue. We will just win on awesomeness.

No war yet, we escaped our dimensions wars, but eventually some one is going to step on someone else's toes.

Are you two starting a war between villages? :P

Seems they are Ovla. I'm curious who this magic knight is, though. And the guy in the heavy armour, I don't trust. Too much DMPC going on there...

Stealthy bomb runs and sniping both have their benefits. I prefer thinking it through, myself.

Well, I have a completely random character. She could start a war, end one, or burn down both realms, it'd all be chosen by chance.


Well, I kinda do. I mean, the choices for the randomization are still mine, just not the final decision.

No. First of all, it's a she, second of all, you all should now that you shouldn't stand around talking anyways.


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