Chapter 2: The Lizard Hunt


Gruunk Bloodfist
Half-orc Barbarian (Berserker)
Current HP: 57/57 Bloodied: 28
Healing Surges Used: 0/9 (17)

Gruunk enjoys the brief few moments to relax without someone trying to kill him. He thinks about their delimma and says, "We should head back to the drow. This is drow territory and it would be a matter of time before they captured us again. Instead of being happy with us, we would wish we were dead. Drider latrine dooty for a year." The half-orc shivers uncontrolably at the thought.


"That does sound pretty awful," Fortune agrees. "Let us hope it doesn't come to that."

She looks at the sword. "I still think it's a good idea to leave it. However, the question is where. I guess the best we can do now is to return it, claiming we found it in the dragon room. Which is technically true."

After the rest, the group gathers itself and sets off on their trip back to the drow. They're out of the cavern complex that was the dragon's territory in what they think is a day, and soon encounter the familiar paths that lead them back to the city.

Though it is the Underdark, and dangers lurk in every shadow, the group is careful and manages to eventually get back to Harrowhame. They make it past the gate, showing their markings of ownership by the house Urbasano, though Jil receives blank stares at his exotic appearance.

In the end, you're in front of the house, and walk up to the servant's gate. Orga, the majordormo, sees you as you enter and leads you to the meeting chambers. Along the way, you pass through the trophy room, displaying the banners from the battle against house Macjayata, as well as the head of a large, adult dragon, of the same color as the headless corpse you encountered in the caverns. The mistress has been expecting you, she explains, and will be severely displeased at your late arrival. Wait here.

The group takes their seats, uneasily looking around. Eventually, the doors open, allowing Tailen in. A few steps behind her is Nymeria, smiling over her sister's shoulder at the group. See sister? I told you they'd come. I just left them behind to clean up the stragglers after we dispatched the dragon. Nymeria turns to Tailen, they did a remarkable job, really. You have an eye for talent.

Tailen, for her part, gives the group a look filled with poison and daggers, hesitating a second before answering Nymeria. Yes . . . sister. I really know how to pick them.


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