Chapter 1b: Crashing the party

~ The Sabre - Docking Access Hatch ~

Charlene dashes forward and joins Oln's at his side. She talks into her commlink so everyone can hear her, "Concentrate fire guys, it'll drop people faster. Ossek, Snipe, and Kat...handle the droids. Oln and I will take this guy behind the barrel. Luka and Mara, pick another target and shoot him full of holes!". The plan was a decent one, and Charlene hoped that it was the right one for this situation...and that the others would heed her "wisdom" in this situation.

Poor it on!! The same pirate shouts again, and the rest happily oblige. One, who had been waiting for an opening, takes advantage of SV's predicament, charging forward and slashing the droid with a vibrodagger. Two others try to force Oln and Charlene into evasive actions, and while the shots are nowhere close to Charlene, the bolts wiz close enough for Oln to have to
-2 on attack rolls next round
actively avoid them The thugs on the platforms release a barrage of blaster fire, some of which catch Oln and Charlene. Oln and Charlene attempt to put down the 'dim looking' pirate, but the height difference granted by the platform make the shots difficult and they both fail to connect. While Katjur misses the extremely lucky droid both SV and Mara had attacked, Luka manages to strike true with a solid hit. Sparks issuing from the hole in its armor, the droid tries in vain to return the favor. Seeking to cover its fellow, the remaining droid attacks Katjur, only to miss and be cleaved in half by the skillful Transdoshan bounty huntress.



Ossek smiles as she cleanly cuts through the droid, relishing being back in combat. She quickly scans the battlefield and sees the pirate raining fire down from the platform above. She turns back to the others and shouts, "Keep in cover! I'll take the left!" With that Ossek darts to the side and up the left hand corridor, storming down on the thugs in he path.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d6

Mara Aragone, Zeltron Female Noble

~ The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch ~

Mara keys her commlink and replies to Cyrian, <“Thank you, Fighter One. We are trying, but the freighter's crew are outnumbering us at the moment. Be careful out there.”>

She hunches lower, worried that kneeling at the doorjamb will not protect her enough from a decent shot.

Unable to worry about the fighters any more, she only says to the others, “If this only the welcoming committee, we might be really in for it.”

Leaning to her left from her cover of the doorjamb, Mara takes aim on the bastard that tried to shoot her and squeezes the trigger. The shot is a good one, hitting nicely in the center of mass.

The Sabre: Docking Access Hatch
Ossek was truly a force to be reckoned with. Luka caught the motion out of the corner of his eye.

Ossekís vibrosword seemed to glitter as she swung it through the air in a vicious arc that bespoke raw strength and ferocity. Her mouth was twisted into a feral snarl.

He would not ever want to be her enemy.

They were still outnumbered but none of the group had fallen or taken a serious wound, and they had disabled several droids. He glanced across at Mara and met her gaze grimly, offering only a brief nod to her words. Luka targeted the raider who had abruptly moved up in front of SV-T18, leaning out slightly to shoot past Olnís shoulder. The slugthrower cracked. It was good the Mando was wearing his helmet.

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Katjur turned towards the right wing, seeing most of the boarding party veering towards the left. Raising his pistol as he dashed towards a box, Katjur took aim towards one of the few standing droids, still unwilling to open fire on those living members of the raider crew.

"Just lay down your weapons!" His voice boomed as his blaster discharged a round towards the droid.

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Snipe doesn't feel pain being made of metal but he does feel anger, seething anger at being slashed. He flips over to his back and punches straight up at the attacker with his tazer. "Slice this meatbag!" he screams as he activates the Electric shock of the tazer.

~ The Sabre - Docking Access Hatch ~

A blaster bolt catches Charlene on the shoulder, causing her to jerk it back instinctively and grasp the arm. Wincing, she snaps her head to the 'dim looking' pirate and narrows her eyes in frustration. Missing him earlier, Charlene resolves to not repeat the mistake and moved to the platform's steps. With one foot planted on the top step, and her other on the one just below it, she raises her own blaster and pulls the trigger. The Force though, does not seem to be on her side and she misses completely as the pirate ducks behind the barrel infront of him just in time.

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel

~ Sabre - Docking Access Hatch~

As much as he wants not to Oln winches as he takes a shot in the gun. If he had proper armor he wouldn't even have felt it, though at least what he has stops it from blowing a hole in him.

The Mando wants to charge with Charlene, who he can see already moving, for his pound of flesh from the bastard who hit him. His good sense keeps him where he is though. The others might be willing to charge into cross fire but Oln liked his life a little to much. More importantly so long as Oln stand his ground here there is at least something between Luka and blaster fire. Still dodging fire he doesn't want to risk hitting the Lieutenant by fire at the bastard to he swings his blaster around and fires at the last droid.

He notices Kat firing on the same target which reminds Oln something about his back up blaster. "Cat! It fires at four degrees left of the sight."

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Snipes taser connects, disconcerting him enough for him to miss the near helpless droid as he lunged for another slash! One of the thugs attempts to blast Mara, but misses horribly. A fact she repays him for by leaving a smoldering hole in his chest! Fed up with being shot at,the Thug on the right-hand platform pops out a quick shot on Charlene and lands a solid hit. From his vantage point on the other platform, a thug tries to put down Ossek but the shot goes wide! A pirate tries to nail Katjur while he's distracted, but the shot wouldn't have hit the broadside of a bantha. The last remaining droid, having been programmed for group tactics, is confused and fires wildly at Luka, but also misses. Ossek clashes into melee with the dagger wielding thug and whether it was seeing his friend get blasted, or the sight of an angry Transdoshan, the man misses his panicked slash, but Ossek fails to capitalize.


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