Worlds Collide

Awww, look at those baby blue eyes. He is a cute one. What breed is he?

He's a Nova scotia duck tolling retriever
The photo is some weeks old and his eyes are more brown now but he still attract a lot of attention

Three cats at the moment myself as well, but have had dogs before. If yer thinking about getting a cat, I think you have enough people to ask questions of!

And that dog is adorable. Adorable!

Maybe when I get back. Sadly no pets on deployment.

So, got a question. Would any of you have any ideas about what kind of game you would like to see next? What kind of WoD game would you like to play in that isn't already out there?

Changeling!! Poor kidnapped humans who been through their own personal hell but finally escaped and is now back to a world that has moved on without them.

Just to be clear, is this NWoD or OWoD Changeling? I've never played Changeling, of either versions. I've got the books sure but not played them.


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