A Fresh Start (Group 2)

As Jacob wandered off, G’Olga glanced at Michael and asked; “Was it something I said?”

"Thank you, Thanitos. It's a pleasure to meet you." Jacob answered the first man. "I appreciate your enthusiasm for your deity, but I've never had much need for one. Perhaps, when things settle down, you may have your chance to convert me?"

Jacob shook the hand of the half-orc and said, "Hello Kobad, I am Jacob."

To the handful of people around him that can speak common, Jacob says, "This places looks as good as any for building a village. Why don't we start and see if some of the others will join in. Hopefully someone with some building experience will emerge and help us build something that won't fall in on us."

Jacob gathered a handful of materials and found a good spot to start working.

G’Olga decides to check the supplies to see if the gods or whoever gave them provisions like fresh water and food. Shelter was good and all, but it would be useless if they all died of dehydration. She also sent Snipe on a small scouting mission to look for nearby water, warning the bird to stay low to avoid any predators and dragons.

Micheal follows G'Olga over to the supplies to look around the provisions."He was a soldier back home, like me only I still feel like a soldier, and he is trying to forget about that life right now." he kneels down and acts like he is looking through the supplies "You mentioned living in seculsion with your mentor, what was that like?"

“Quiet, I guess. It all I’ve ever known so I don’t have much to compare it to. I spent most of my time studying spell craft and learning about the marshland. Sometimes we would be forced to travel to town; I never liked those trips though. People always looked at us like we were freaks. I guess with all the orcs in the area, people didn’t take too kindly to me just walking around.”

There is no food or water with the building supplies.

"Some people are just ignorant bigots who've never had to work hard for anything in their life." he sighs and shakes his head a little "Looks like we are going to have to go hunting and foraging soon, as I'm not sure how many people actually grabed food on their way here."

G’Olga smiled; glad that she would be able to contribute something to the village. “It won’t be much of a problem. If you know how, you can get the wilderness to provide food for you.” G’Olga thought for a moment; “If you want, I can show you how. I could use someone watching my back anyways; it’s a whole new world and who knows what’s out there.”

"Certainly, a learning experience should never be passed up." He leaned back and closed his eyes, taking his first deep breath on this new world. It was fresh and clean, with out the familiar taste of metal and carbon monoxide from home. It was the most refreshing thing to happen to him in his entire life. He opened his eyes and turned to G'Olga. "I am ready when you are."


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