Raptor 202 Flight Crew

Lieutenant Hector "Dragon" Jansen
Raptor Pilot, Meleager (Former PC)

Hector is a boyishly handsome devil. Girls tend to bat their eyes at him unconciously. He still has the body of a Pyramid player and practices whenever he has the chance. Around the base, he has beaten everyone with enough talent to keep up and more than a couple of the women assigned to the base make it a point to be nearby when he is practicing.

Agi d8
Str d6
Vit d8
Ale d6
Int d8
Wil d6

LP 14
Init d8 + d6
End d8 + d6
Res d8 + d8

Athlete d8
Mathematician d6
Talented d6
Electronics Repair

Duty d10
Memorable d6
Glory Hound d4

Athletics d6
>Pyramid d10
Guns d6
>SMG d8
>Pistol d10
Heavy Weapons d6
>Ship's Cannons d8
Mechanical Engineering d6
>Mechanical Repair d8
Pilot d6
>Raptor d10
>Capital Ship d8
Technical Engineering d6
>Astrogation d10
>Electrical Repairs d8

Hector grew up on a farm outside Caprica City. He was never there, though. He was always somewhere else. Daydreaming was a way of life for him. In school, it was history and math. History was another place, like his daydreams. But math was something else entirely. The numbers jumped at him from the page. His grades were excellent in math but his language and writing were not good enough for a scholarship. His father, who hated farming, turned him to the pyramid court. His father’s praise and encouragement propelled him to excel there also, eventually winning a scholarship to the capitol university. In his freshman year, he broke the university record for points in a season, propelling the team to a championship. As a sophomore, the team lost a heartbreaker in the semi-finals after another stellar season. In his junior year, as team captain, he engineered a mid season comeback which earned him a certain amount of fame and a lot of speculation about a possible professional career. A knee injury in his senior year left him out as the team lost a quarter-final game. With his injury ending any hope of a pro career, he turned to the fleet and found an aptitude for flying. His aptitude for flying turned into love. But it was his ability with numbers that changed his life.

Assigned as a Raptor pilot on the Battlestar Triton, he and his second were on maneuvers on the edge of Ragnar when a freak energy burst of unknown origin shorted their propulsion system. They were in a rapidly decaying orbit which would have ended with their ship disintegrating around them. Working furiously to get propulsion back on line, Hector noticed that the FTL was still on line. With only moments to spare, he calculated a jump back to the Triton where the recovery was routine. He received a commendation for saving his ship. His latest assignment is the Escortstar Meleager. Working escort duty wasn't exactly glamorous, but it had it's perks. Those perks have kept the hotshot team of him and his second--both considered fairly hot commodities in the Raptor community--from getting a transfer off Meleager in the last year.

Little did he know, the worst thing was about to happen…..

Lieutenant, Junior Grade
Terrance "Archer" Brogan
Raptor ECO, Meleager

Terrance is most often described either as "having a model's body" or "being built like Adonis". He has all the good looks and charms of his pilot...plus an instinctive grace and naturally smooth 'strut' that tends to cause women to flock to him in legions. While Terry (as he prefers to go by when he can't get away with using his callsign) loves the ladies, he is also considerate of his lovers...epecially for a Fleet pilot (even a Raptor-herder). The fact that he can dance any dance (from the latest clubbing fads to classical ballroom) and knows fashion (mens' and womens', from haute couture to conservative masquerade ball) just makes him all the more popular.

How a 'well-off small-island boy from Aquaria' could be so knowledgable and cultured, he refused to say for his first seven years in the Fleet...and peoples' curiosity continued to build. When the Quorum Delegate for Aquaria conducted an inspection of the 24th Viper Training Squadron last year (three months after Dragon and Archer had just transferred in), the curious got an answer. Terry's father is Terrance Van Ettring, and he has been the Delegate for Aquaria for the last thirty years. Terry apparently enlisted under his birth-mother's (the second-wife in his father's polygamous marriage) maiden name, for, as was demonstrated when his father wandered into the non-Nugget bar on Echidna Base after Terry was well into his cups and enjoying the company of a visiting (and very 'perky') Raptor pilot, it certainly wasn't orchestrated by his father. Only because the entire bar (full of Viper Pilot-Instructors and Raptor Flight Crews, since flight ops had ended for the day) witnessed his father first provoke Terry to no response, then knock the poor 'perky' J.G. off his lap (giving her a mild concussion and sprained wrist) and finally slug his own son in the gut, did Terry not end up on charges.

He did, after all, beat the Delegate for Aquaria--also his own father--so badly that the Delegate had a hairline fracture in an orbital bone, a nose fractured in four places, seven bruised ribs, a bruised diaphragm, and a moderate concussion. Delegate Van Etting (once he had was again 'of right mind' two days later) initally demanded Archer's 'head on a platter', insisting 'that is no son of his' (Van Etting had, in fact, legally disowned Terry seven years before). Fleet--faced with a J.G. who refused to provide any insight on the situation but was, technically, the victim of an unprovoked assault by a notably pro-Adar Delegate (on tape with fairly consistent witnesses, no less)--made a counter-proposal: Van Etting go with the cover story of being injured while onboard a Raptor that had to suddenly dodge Viper Nuggets, or the Fleet would make the whole affair public, starting with inquiries from Colonial Fleet Office of Special Investigations (CFOSI) and Colonial Defense Ministry Criminal Investigative Service (DMCIS) to the Colonial Security Bureau (CSB) and Cyrannus Marshals' Service (CMS) into the family affairs of Terrance Van Etting of Aquaria.

Delegate Van Etting set speed records for releasing statements to the press about 'his unfortunate clumsiness despite devoted flight crew effort for a smooth ride' and 'ill-advised insistence on close observation of pilots in training'. As it was an election year, his opponents smelled blood in the water, but failed to get a good strike in during his period of political vulnerability.

Archer still refuses to talk about the incident (or his home life on Aquaria) at all, even with his close friend (and pilot), Dragon. After having seen the damage he inflicted, drunk, tired, and surprised on his own father...no one really wants to press him. He and Dragon were transferred to Meleager two weeks afterward, and they have stayed there ever since.

They are both sharing Raptor 202 with four very large nukes and one very paranoid heavily-armed Marine. Both are choosing to stay up in the cockpit unless they have to take off.