Whistle Fight!

Whistle Fight!

Jared is almost to the corner when Richard calls his attention in hushed tones. The wielder of the gloom stops whistling for a moment and turns around. He hears Richard telling him to come back... something about finding a secrets passage or something. It is hard to hear clearly from this distance. He sees Vicky approach Richard and start looking at the wall. Vicky easily determines that the secret door is not trapped.

Jared feels the puff of wind on his neck and realizes that he didn't stop whistling soon enough. The light around the halfling grows dim; something is causing his everburning torch to weaken. Apparently the racket he made attracted some attention. ZhuGuan, Vicky and Richard see it before Jared can. The floating tentacled
creature is flying just above Jared's head. A shadowy field surrounds it, causing the lights to dim all the way to the corner, just in front of Guan. Not even his light pendant can breach the dim lighting.

Then they see two more of the fiendish darkmantles coming around the corner. Jared looks up at the creature and it slams into the halfling, latching onto his face and
5 Damage, Grabbed and Blinded (escape ends)
biting. Another zips forward and latches onto Guan the
9 Damage, Grabbed and Blinded (escape ends)
same way. The darkness travels with the darkmantle. The third one flies towards Richard and Vicky, the darkness continues to grow as they approach. Only Turag remains outside of the dim light.

Then three more fly from around the hallway begging the question: How many are coming? These last three find their targets. As one of them approaches the already sight-hindered John; Turag is swallowed by the dim light as well. Another moves towards Vicky and Richard. The last one to come from around the hallway (at least for now), decides not to venture down the hallway, and instead starts whipping at Jared even though he already has a darkmantle attached to him. It
9 damage
smacks the halfling in the back of the head.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

Lost in his own thoughts ZhuGuan is completely unprepared until the shadow silhouette is already upon him. It's tentacled mantle engulfing the giant half-elf's head. Muffled shouts can be heard as he struggles to rip the creature off of him.
He bites hard into one of the creatures leathery appendages causing it enough pain to allow him to rip it off of his head. Making a quick survey of their situation he settles on helping the one most outnumbered and with the worst monster weight to ally weight ratio.

"Damn you and your whistling. I've half a mind to stick you instead," he says without malice after charging down the hallway and cutting at the creature holding Jared's head in it's own embrace.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d8z

Critical Hit Results

A spark of energy surges from Guan to his weapon as he charges forth. His halberd vibrates in his hands, as if ready to reverberate his heroic vigor into his foes. His weapon becomes hot with static fury. It's edges blur and hum as he wields it. As ZhuGuan Yu strikes the Darkmantle, it activates it's darkjump and vanishes from sight, leaving Jared free from the grabby tentacles.

Richard L.Heart - Human Warlord

Richard strains to see in the dark, "What foul creatures are these?" he shouts

Richard stands his ground and starts his assault on the hovering beasts in front of him.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John smiles as he pulls out his sword "What were not going to talk to them first?" John then swipes at the darkmantle as he calls the power of the earth it self.

Styg Vytautus, Shade

Ready for a fight and undeterred by his own newly native element - darkness - Styg moves to protect Vicky and lend aid to Richard. When he sees the odd flying flapping leathery creatures he is so sicked he unleashes a bit of dread along with his eldritch strike against the foul thing flying closest to himself. If it survives the onslaught his eldritch forces slide it to where it can be more easily surrounded. He utters, "Huzzah! What manner of beast is this?"

Richard sees Styg coming to assit, "Lets destroy these foul creatures," he shouts.

Richard cuts into his target and it vanishes from his sight. John too cuts into his target and it teleports to safety, out of sight. Styg moves around the corner and slices into the other tentacled monster as it threatens Richard, and though he hits, it didn't seem as though his attack was as effective as it should have been. It too blinks out of sight, so it is hard to tell how effective it truly was.

As some of the creatures vanish, some of the heroes find themselves back in normal light.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared waves his arms around as the darkmantle settles on him. "Mmmfmff MFff!"

As it flees from Guan's attack, the halfling spits on the floor. "Yuck! I've just been snogged by a giant bat-thing!"

With a flick of his wrist, Jared send a stream of shadow from him towards a dark mantle. The shadow forms into a giant hound at the last moment, and emits a haunting howl as it leaps towards the flying beast...


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