OOC Thread

Yeah, and I'm having as much fun as I'd hoped.

Just wish someone would bite on my star wars game, though with my time issues, it may be good they aren't yet.

At any rate, I wanted to point out that in the Rank Tables, I changed the ranks of the two lowest enlisted Fleet ranks to Crewman and Senior Crewman. It feels better to me. Minor, I know, but little things bug me sometimes. I'm sure some of you noticed that I didn't exactly stick with the book rank table, especially with the enlisted folks.

Anyway, heading to bed for real.

I've actually been looking at that one and trying to decide if I could afford another character. D6 is one of my top five systems.

Thank you very much for the write-up, Kyris. Sorry I don't have the touch with the board to format it myself.

Okay guys - Kyris's last activity was 12 days ago, and his last post to this game was 17 days ago in the IC forum.

Who all is still interested in this game, and what - if anything - do we want to do about continuing? Does anyone want to step up to GM/co-GM? I'm not very familiar with the system, and I've never thought about running a BSG game myself, but if it comes to a last resort I'd be willing to try. What does everyone think?

Well, this is my second chance for Kyris as a GM. I was obviously interested, but I'm not in a good position to GM another game at the moment.

Yea, me neither. Part of the reason I went for this game was the system. I'm GMing a Walking Dead game using the BSG rules. It's working pretty good.

I was very interested, but alas it seems to have died I would be interested in continuing, but I have too much on my plate to DM right now.

I had to take another look at what all is going on in life for me and what I'm trying to accomplish in the next few months. I don't see any way I'll be able to GM myself. Unless someone else rogers up, and that's looking unlikely, I think we're gonna have to drop the game

I liked the idea, but the Dm has been on a couple of times and hasnt posted, I think he lost interest.

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