Nurse's Managery of Friends

Right, but how many magic items do I have? Am I starting at 5500 exp or am i closer to level 6? Assuming any mundane gear I want is fine?

Mundane gear is fine, and I think 2 items should be OK. That's about the number everyone has now.

Ok, sheet is up to date and ready

THD, just transfers the XP from Nurse to your new sheet, straight up. I'm not going to deal with this whole 'catch-up' BS.

Hey THD. Let's talk about Jil.

I'm trying to link him up to the main story with this 'Nymeria'. If you remember, Jil is coming from his plane tracking down the shape shifter that stole something from his people. In this case, that something is a powerful scroll describing a ritual to form permanent gates between two different dimensional planes.

Your character is aware that this scroll was stolen several months ago by someone who posed as a priest in your religion after eliminating a higher-ranked member of your city's temple and taking his appearance. No one is sure why the scroll was stolen, and while it is powerful, it is not especially deadly--the permanent gates that are created can be fairly easily destroyed by destroying the intricate inscriptions one has to make around the gateway to have it functioning.

Your role was to find the person responsible for these things and report back to a more powerful group of adventurers who would come and take over the mission. For that, you would need to confirm that the scroll is in the possession of your suspect, or get a direct confession.

Is this OK with you?

Well it doesn't exactly make sense for him being an executioner (aka assassin), if he's just doing recon

Ok. What's your suggestion, then? I am trying to tie Jil to the plot here--the point is that the stolen scroll from your home plane and what's going on here are connected.

He could have been sent to recover the scroll and possibly eliminate the person responsible for stealing it (if he can find a shapechanger)


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