The Safehouse (OOC)

Ok, grant submitted, seminar prepared and presented, experiments under control, and student placated. I should be able to devote a proper amount of time to this now. Thank you for your patience.

Just waiting on one player. Looking at backgrounds I think we have what we need to start. So I'm moving this up: at this time tomorrow there will be a first post. If you have time please chime in:

1. The name of the club. Looking at the group if a PC had a leadership role my guess is it would be Jesslyn.

2. Your preferred posting rate. I can post updates daily, and bitter experience tells me any faster could cause problems. Some of you might have noticed I have this tendency to rush so don't hesitate to put a rein on things.

Questions? I'll be at work but I'll check every couple of hours. Thanks a bunch for being an understanding . . . bunch.

Good morning, campers! Yup, I'm still here. Sorry I hadn't popped my head up for a couple of days - the internet connection out here in the boonies got a bit spotty for a while. But then I fixed it. ~points to tin-foil antenna hat~

I'd say 3 times a week is a good attainable minimum.

No leadership here, name though. . . . We're going to go normal right?

Howsabout an acronym . . . And it should have cascadia in the name. . . , well I'm stumped besides that.

Sorry my sheet should be done soon, the town with one of my family's tax offices in it flooded so this weekend was nuts and I have to get the game I'm running off the ground so it's slowing everything down.

Sorry guys

How about the Portland Hiking Club? I just got on, I see there is a Portland Hiking Meetup Group up there. Also a Contemplative Hiking Society, which looks interesting, to be honest. And a Portland Long Distance Hikers. And others.

Cascadia Women's Mountain Group?

Jess wouldn't mind a leadership roll in spirit, but would be flaky about the organizational bits and pieces. (Once the ball was rolling, she could handle it nicely - especially if climbing was involved, for which she would be sure to cross her t's and dot her i's...)

If there were someone much more detail-oriented in a "Club Secretary"-type position, Jess would be a great cheerleader-type club president.

Also, do we have anyone with a decent amount of expertise: survival and/or treatment skills? If no one has Survival skills, does that mean we usually stick to day-trips, or does Survival only figure into it if we are "roughing it" and trying to live off the land? Or is it covered under a separate skill?

Preferred posting rate: from avg of 1/day to 3/week. I prefer 1/day with a little leeway, and a 24 or 48 hr "zombie" trigger in combat (I.e. w/ no post in a certain amount of time, the GM either has you stand in the corner and do nothing, or operates you as an NPC)

As for names: will throw out some ideas later today (must have moar coffee first!)
Although this just occurred to me (a bit twisted to get the acronym)
Cascadia Hiking Organization of Portland (CHOP)
...or "...of Northern Oregon" (CHONO)

(edit - to be clear: prefer 1/day posting rate, but am flexible, and will on occasion not be able to hit that b/c of wildly variable work hours)

Regarding posting rate I'm with Morrigan. I prefer to write longer and am quite busy so 1-3 posts a week is my likely average. However, in combat and action sequences posts tend to be shorter and I can up my post rate to ~1/day. A shorter zombie trigger is better so as to keep things moving but I'd prefer about 36h just because of time zone issues and the like.

I dig C.H.O.P. because then we could call the cabin we rent the chophouse or something similarly cheesy. A good light hearted start to what will be a seemingly serious game.

Jack'll be finished when I get to work tonight. Today was 35 degrees with humidity and we have no AC so I slept through the grossness... Nothin like sleeping 12 hours to make you tired >_>


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