Errand Board


Each student, by the end of his or her 3-year term, must show competence and wisdom in applying their ties to the arcanum. To aid in this endeavor, each student must acquire a specific number of Errand Points, by completing jobs for those in need around the school and the city. This will give each of you the practice and experience necessary to hone your element into something akin to a tool, rather than allowing it to unleash itself like a chaotic force of nature.

Just as important as learning how to focus your abilities, is learning when to use them. Not every job will require a student to dip into the arcanum. Please use discretion.

First year students will only be allowed to register 1-point errands. Second year students may register 1-point or 2-point errands, but must register and complete at least one 2-point errand during the year. Third year students may register any errand on the board, but must register and complete at least one 2-point and one 3-point errand during the year.

Don't forget to take your errand card to Central to have it registered!