Prologue: The Seekers Exam

Konnen tiptoes around the blood. Fresh blood? This keeps getting worse and worse"

"Look, if there's a way out of here, I'd very much appreciate it. Our meal before we started the test was quite tasty going down. I don't want to taste it again coming back up."

A closer inspection of one of the corners reveals a small alcove covered by a piece of cloth painted to look like stone. Behind which are two very small pointy eared creatures. The first has balding white hair and is clutching a small leafless branch, and they are both dressed in blue and black robes. The other one holds a candle that has recently been snuffed out.

Gungnir dark vision easily penetrates the small cubby hole the creatures were hiding in and he eyes them warily. Bad things came in small packages. Kobolds, goblins, etc.

"Come out, little ones. You must not hide when we have so much to discuss.", he
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mutters calmly, wondering if they were some offshoot of gnomes. They looked like gnomes.

Harper stared towards the alcove, faintly seeing the pair of creatures. She wasn't quite sure if she recognized them for what they were, but none the less. She decided to speak to them in the Sylvan tongue, and said, "Hello, little ones. Are you lost?"

Oi! Get out here!
Nassar says after a moment or two of silence. There was no point in gently coaxing the creatures out, fear will inspire them faster. Besides, it is not like these beasts could be useful. As the Harper girl would say, 'By the Nine Hells they are puny!'
That is if she was not speaking some unknown language like she is now.
What'id you tell the little creatures anyhow?

Surprised anyone but the Dwarf could see the creatures from behind him, Jim shakes his head in wonderment. "Everyone has such good ideas..." He thinks to himself before walking across the rest of the room and kneeling down about three feet from the little curtained area.

"Hi guys. We are just trying to get through this silly test. Anything you can do to help us?" Jim asks the little creatures in front of him.


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