Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

Chapter one: Your nightmare lingers.

In the deepest depths of your mind you knew you where sleeping, but no part of this felt like a dream.

The streets you had walked a million times before became like a maze. You had turned left or right so many times you had lost count. The people you pass look at you with empty eyes and devoid smiles, watching your every step. Something deep in your psyche willing you to hurry up, to run, run ,RUN!

Spiralling out of control you turn a corner full pelt and there you see it, the dark. The ever going, never-ending, cold Dark. It rushes towards you suddenly and envelopes you like a blanket of ice and your body stiffens to its touch.

You begin falling, your heart pounding in your chest and you stomach turning over and over as you tumble downwards. Hearing voices rushing past you as you fall. Screams of anguish so loud your ears ring. Cries for help from somewhere you can reach. Each voice desperate and pain stricken.

You try to move your hands to your ears to block it out but they wont move. The more you struggle the tighter the grip and suddenly you stop.

Silence is all there is, no voices, no smiles. All is gone, all is empty. Back on the streets, but this time no people, no sounds, and every door open revealing the dark in every building.

You shake yourself awake, to the sound of silence.

You find yourself in your room in the Temple of Sabhailte. Everything was as you expected, except for the quiet and your door is open…

A piercing scream, heart wrenching once more rents the night asunder. Mortal terror and anguish is heard in this, and the demons that we all face are felt for just a moment. It dies out slowly, and you hear a moment of desperate sobbing.

Sweat pouring out of every pore of his body, Rhett awakes. The door that was closed and locked before isn't, and the manacles that held him there were unlocked and lay at his sides. His heart still pounding from the dreams that he has just awoken from. Sitting up, he takes a moment to feel his wrists and ankles, feel the skin there that has been abraded over the months of his confinement. Thankfully there will be little scarring, at least as best as he can tell.

Some basic herbs etc and I should be fine, just time. THUMPER!

He listens to the quiet for a moment, and then stands a little unsteadily. Moving to the door, he tries to remember where they took Thumper, and heads at the best speed that he can to see how his companion is doing. There is no telling what his condition might have been in the months that they have been here.

He tries to break into a run, unused muscles protesting at the massive increase in use with so little preparation.

As you stand there listening for a few moments. No familiar sounds come to your ears. The normally full hallway sounds clear. The footsteps of swiftly moving Clerics and the thudding plod of the guards are no longer audible. You can hear the wind and trees and the sounds of nature just at the edge of your hearing, but no sound is coming from inside.

Though you have only been restrained over night,
I have PM'd you regarding this,
due to your prevous nights actions you have spent most of your time in your room so your muscles are not used to the sudden movement, it only takes them a moment to recover. As you make your way out of the room into the hallway. It is as you remember it, going off to the left, doors lining both sides, though for the first time since you arrived at the temple, the corridor is empty.

Heading down the corridor, trying each door to see what is there behind each. Escape is the primary function, but then so is food, water and more clothing. Cloths that can be made into other items that might be handy later. That there are no clerics is weird, unusual and highly suspicious, but all he wants right now is Thumper. To make sure that he is ok, alive and able to move. The wilderness is safety. The wilderness allows you to hide and be safe. Wilderness gives food and shelter and friends. To be able to run under the trees and finding the herbs that provide so much.

But first, food and water. Then Thumper. Then run till we find people!

As you look through each doorway, you see empty room upon empty room. beds, furniture and items are all there. Even what you would consider personal items, drawings and letters are still there.

Until you come to a room midway down the corridor, wich has someone inside it. sitting on the bed and looking towards you as you stick your head in...

It will be which ever other player character replies first.

(OOC: Note, I am not posting in response to the previous post, I'm gonna leave that open for Isvan. I had an intro pretty much set up for Ozzie. I hope you don't mind)

Ozzie woke up suddenly, like he had done multiple times recently. He controlled his breathing as the receding memories disappeared from the back of his mind. Waiting a couple more moments, he got up and walked towards the doorway to his room, like he did every day.

Also like everyday, he shouted down the corridor,
He waited for a few moments before an entirely different realisation hit him. He wasn't shouting from behind a door, he was shouting from inside the doorway. The door was open! Spinning on the spot just to confirm what his brain had just realised, he then noticed that no-one had replied to his question.

Stroking his chin in thought, he finally took a tentative step forward. After another moment of waiting and nothing happening, he smiled to himself.
"Finally, some progress," Ozzie said, to no-one in particular, before shouting, "OI! SQUAWK! YOU STILL AROUND!?"

There was a squawk in reply before a hawk soared in and landed on a nearby table and proceeded to chirp at him.
"Good to see you too buddy," Ozzie replied, "It's good too see you're to still around. Let's go see if anyone else is still around."

Not a problem.

Content to be joined by your faithful Squawk, you enter the corridor to begin looking for people. As you step out into the corridor you see the another
This is Rhett
person stood in a doorway a short way down.

Rhett as you are looking through the rooms at the moment you spot someone in one of the rooms. A voice can be heard coming from down the corridor. You hear
Ozzie and Squawk
somone calling to see if anyone is there.

Aye, alive and kicking here. Looks like we are the only ones so far. Wierd question, but have you seen a dinosaur anywhere? Goes by the name of Thumper.

He pauses for a moment, taking in the condition of the hawk, and approving of what he sees, smiles.
Cute hawk. Feathers are in good shape. I bet he flies well when the thermals are up huh?

Any idea where anyone else is? Unusual for the place to be so quiet as it is right now.

"What? Who?? Where??? Dinosaur????" Ozzie stuttered, as he turned towards the direction of the voice. He waited for a moment as his brain caught up with what just happened before replying,
"Ok, here goes, No, yes he is, yes he does, yes I do, and yes it is."

"Also, who are you?"

Oh, yes, name. Rhett Geresson. So you said you know where all the other people are. Where? Why aren't they in the corridor, and where can we find food? I am really hungry. The pork that they were doing the other night, in the sauce and the grain was really tasty. I wonder if the kitchen will be doing more. Where is the kitchen anyway? And where are the people. I hope Thumper is ok. Need to find him, otherwise he will start worrying and stuff. Look, where are the stables?


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