Unrelenting Light, Warded Psychic Circle (jerk) Room

Dice Roll: 1d100u35z
d100 Results: 23 (Total successes = 2)
Willpower Hickz (2)

Dice Roll: 1d10+4z
d10 Results: 8 (Total = 12)
Hicks Init (12)

Dice Roll: 1d100u35z
d100 Results: 56 (Total failures = 3)
Thudson's Willpower (-3)

Dice Roll: 1d10+4z
d10 Results: 10 (Total = 14)
Thudson's Initiative (14)

Forget I swapped Thudson's WP with Martialis' but as its a 56 vs TN 52 its still a fail.

Green ichor seeps from Hopeless' eyes in a gruesome mockery of tears as it slashes viciously at Hickz, hoping to claim another soul for the Dark Gods.

The bone scythe cuts through Hickz's left arm like butter before driving halfway through his torso. The arm flops to the ground twitching a few times as his body hangs limplt from the daemonic blade.

Thudson can do nothing but stare dumbly and his former squad mates butcher each other in a horrific and violent display. In his mind he screams at himself to move, to run, to do...something, anything. But instead he can do nothing, only stand like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

Hopeless turns on the last survivor with a drooling leer, jerking the scythe out of its last victim with a meaty slither. Raising the daemonic weapon high, he brings it down with finality.

the room explodes outward as your psychic essences return to your bodes. the wards burn and melt along with the recording....


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