A Whole New World (Group 1)

((If people are all in agreement and have no further need to RP with others we can either time skip one day when a shelter is made.... I.E. night time, or a 2-3 months when the town is complete. Yes that quick. You can privately tell me yes or no, so no one knows.))

I am good with a fast forward. I like the idea of a couple months, but then, I have the character attached to the tribe that is worried everyone might want to kill them in the daylight, when they are asleep. The idea of a couple months of relative peace minimizes that.

Three months have passed and much has happened since you've been building your new home(s). Many different races have visited and touched base letting you know they have homes to the west of your town. These races are the Tengu, small raven lie creatures. The Githzerai have visited and let you know of their monastery and how many could come if they seeked protection. Their features were very sharp and accurate, tall and lean, they seemed to have seen many things in their lives. Lastly a tribe of Kitsune have also stopped by, they ranged from full on snout and tail with fur, to half-Kitsune who have merely ears, and the tail. They were the most friendly amongst the tribes making contact, they were located more north to your now small town.

The man in the featureless mask adds a building of his own to your town, it just appears one morning, a building clearly labeled:

Mages Conclave

It was a fairly large building, well made and fit in with the towns current structures. the only reason people know it was the mysterious man was that your knight watch saw him and told the rest of the town in the morning.

In these three months the a Mayor has been elected for the town, many but themselves forward but all eventually wanted the Blacksmith to be Mayor his name being Maxwell Fairfield. A Captain of the guard as well exists, Dredge was voted for immediately as he has taken every single night watch since you arrived here so far without incident. Other than that most people with a trade or useful skill are running businesses out of their homes. A currency doesn't exist yet so most are trading and bartering currently. Sadly though as you awake on the third month a loud roar can be heard at the edge of your town. ((Anybody with Lore Arcana can role if they wanna know what it is.))

Dice Roll: 1d20+12z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 24)
Knowledge (Arcana) (24)

Nuxokog awakened with a start, from his rooftop-nest. His people had taken to living in various attics, over the storehouse, barns, private dwellings, whatever; by building an extra floor without walls, and hanging their tent/sleeping nests from the rafters, they were able to easily mimic their treetop mountain-homes.

With a flutter of wings, he left the nest, and flapped up to sit on the peak of the roof. Where and what was that noise...

Nuxokog blinks, suddenly alarmed. "Black Dragon!" he yells, spreading the alarm to his clansmen, to alert the rest of the village. "There's a black dragon roaring in the distance! Be ready!"


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