Who is ambushing who? - Battle!


Erron shrugs shyly as Xryhanna passes him by, "Sorry," he repeats, looking to the warforged as well.

Raising his hands, Erron waits for either gnome to appear to his sight.

The tiefling's eyes dart back and forth between the two in front of her, and after the briefest of hesitations, she turns her full attention to the gnome and attacks. Her eyes blaze red once more as her blade delivers a blow to both the body and mind of her foe, dropping him to a heap on the ground.

Main Hand: Longsword Off-Hand: Heavy Shield Worn: Scale Armor

If I read my players correctly, this signals the end of combat initiative for now. Please drop to role-play, but don't advance things terribly far in the time-line. Ya'll haven't exactly been silent. But feel free to talk out the situation with the betrayer of gnomes... A new thread is started here


Party Status

Current Effects:
Ice Shard Traps on Squares: J5 and K5

Enemy Status:
M1 -68 (Defeated)
M2 -65 (Defeated)
G1 -37 (Defeated)
G2 -37 (Defeated)


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