Attack The Darkness

Attack The Darkness

Styg leaves the small cells after seeing nothing in them worth the time or effort he had put into the search. He looks around and notices that John and Jared seem to have wandered off again. Vicky and Turag are a little down the hallway they came from still. They seem to be talking. Perhaps Vicky is starting to help the timid Turag come out of his shell - not the Styg fully trusts the orc yet. He then notices Richard looking down a hallway and Guan having some problems with the door to the north. This is also the first time that Styg notices the door in the western wall, not far from Guan. It too is slightly open, but Styg decides to move up and try to give Guan a hand with the stuck door. He briefly thinks about moving back towards Vicky, to help protect her and the Winds of Change, but decides that she isn't so far away that he can't get to her quickly enough.

As Styg approaches the stuck door, he hears John down the hallway encouraging Jared to sing or hum again. He can't help but reflect back to the constant abuse he received from the revenant for his own talking while venturing down the tunnels. He wonders why it is suddenly acceptable for Jared to purposely cause a ruckus, but he wasn't allowed to even speak. Styg tests the door and notices that the wreckage in the room has wedged the door shut - the same conclusion ZhuGuan had come to.

Styg decides that brute force is what it is going to take. He had heard John mention something about the possibility of someone else hiding in the room, perhaps holding the door. It seems too solid for that, but that doesn't mean it isn't possible. He looks to Guan as if to say "prepare for the worst", but the large half-elf just rolls his eyes at Styg. He doesn't expect to find anyone or anything in the room. ZhuGuan Yu steps out of the way a bit so that Styg can give it a good and powerful shove.

Styg follows the door into the room as he pushes the restraining rubble out of the way. He looks around the large room. ZhuGuan waits, expecting a trap to go off or something large to eat Styg. Rubble and dust cover the floor of this room anywhere from ankle- to knee-deep. Movement in this room is not comfortable, easy or safe. This room also seems to have suffered greatly from the tremor the group felt earlier, or from tremors from before the group entered the dungeon.

ZhuGuan Yu is about to move back over to the door to look in and see if a grue has eaten Styg yet, but then he notices the door in the western wall open up all the way. On the other side of the door is a darkmantle. The lights grow dim, as is normal with these creatures, and Guan realizes that they are at least smart enough to push open a door that is already partially opened. Perhaps they are even smart enough to use their tentacles to manipulate a closed door... maybe that is the reason nearly all the doors in the region have been opened at least a little. He also can't help but notice that this darkmantle looks a little more muscular and tough than the last group did, but not as bad as the giant one that they had fought alongside Jack Fox. Perhaps this one has been eating better recently.

Then more start to flood out from the room, apparently attracted by the noise made when Styg forced open the door to the north. One flies out, getting close to Styg, Guan and Richard. It let's out a thunderous shriek. Richard is slightly resitant to it, but there seems to be an extra burst of necrotic energy that strikes him with the
7 Damage, Dazed until the end of the Darkmantle's next turn.
dazing scream. Guan seems completely unaffected, but Styg is also
5 Damage, Dazed until the end of the Darkmantle's next turn.
hurt. After shrieking it starts to try to attack Guan, but when it notices that Guan wasn't affected it backs off and almost looks
Darkmantle 4 will spend it's next standard action (next round) taking the total defense action, and until the end of it's next turn, all attacks that have the "fear" keyword are +4 to hit it.
frightened of the half-elf.

The other darkmantle toughs begin flying out of the room. Several of them move towards Guan and his group, while three others speed down the hallway towards John and Jared. The first one to get there screams out, but both men resist the sonic attack. Then another approaches and screams as well. While Jared is unaffected, John suffers from the
6 Damage, Dazed until the end of the Darkmantle's next turn.

The sudden shrieks alert Vicky and Turag to the sudden attacks. They know before they even see the creatures that the group is battling more darkmantles.

Styg Vytautus – Shade

Styg, dazed, can only strike out at the Darkmantle. He hits it and then it ports away!
Main Hand: Battle Axe Off-Hand: Light Shield Worn: Lizard Bone Breastplate


Vicky springs into action at the now familiar shriek from the darkmantle. She rounds the corner just in time to see one of them get struck and disappear. She looks around, worried that one or more of them will pop up next to her. For the moment, the only one she can spot close is Turag.

"Turag, we need to get closer to the others, so we're not surrounded here alone by these creatures," she calls out to the orc. After moving as close as she dares, she unleashes a mental attack at the closest one.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Feeling the affects of the daze John smiles "Give me all you have." John summons the earth to his blade and strikes.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared takes up a position behind John, leans out slightly and flicks his rod up as he summons the power of the gloom. Shadows undulate down the corridor and start sweeping around the Darkmantles.

The perfection of Jared's spell has opened a secret chamber woven into the vast, arcane vortex that is all magic. The opening resembles a long drawer surrounded by nothingness. The drawer holds a stock of similar armaments, as if from a set. Jared glimpses a robe, white gloves and a hemp belt. It looks as if there was a spot for something else there as well, but it seems to be missing. He has time to reach in and grab one of the three items before the drawer slides closed with the rift. Looking around, it doesn't seem like anyone else can see this strange rift. He then remembers John describing something similar happening before, but these items don't appear to be etched with runes like his pauldrons were.

The darkmantles he and John hit have all vanished, freeing up their end of the hallway.

Ricahard calls out to Guan "Lets take down these bloody things"


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