OOC: In the Beginning...

Perhaps a fresh campaign could be a good one, and if some of the players want to continue using the characters from this one, they could have escaped, and are now working with a new team doing other things. Just another suggestion. Maybe Fortune escapes, and now she always has to worry about her past coming back. Maybe Riku's character (since he'll be the GM) could turn into the big bad of the new campaign. That way there is still a bit of a connection, and Riku can revisit his own character for a bit as well.

Lots of ways to do a spin off from this campaign and still make it fresh. I'm not overly attached to my character so a fresh start is fine for me as well.

Maybe start working on a new campaign page, copy and paste information from this one over to that one, and then let this game go to archive (so that it at least still shows up in play history for everyone).

I have quite a few digital modules that I can send your way Riku. Just let me know what level you are considering running at (maybe stick with 6 if you want to have a character or two from this game translate over to the new one). Then decide if you want to stick with a villain campaign, or go more heroic, etc.... Then send out invites to any of the players you want to keep from this game and throw up an ad if you are still lacking players.

Okay, I'll let this game die then. I will remember each and every one of you as my inspirations, and when and if I set up my own game (which I'm still working on, setting up my own homebrew world) I will send all of you a PM, since I know and am certain of the quality of each and every one of you, and would definitely enjoy playing with you again.

I shall miss Tarner dearly, as well as Gruunk, Fortune, and all of the others, but I suppose all games have to end, and this one luckily lasted long enough for me to get some real enjoyment out of it, and I sincerely thank each and every one of you for making it possible.

I will be looking forward to your own game, Riku.

HFlep: If you read this, I'd really love to hear what really happened and who the shapeshifter impersonating Nymeria really was.

I hadn't gotten any of those details yet. So far I only knew she was a shapeshifter, but i was loyal to her, so I can't help you there.

My plans included denying you guys healing anytime you went "off course" from her goals....

I was probably not going to be well liked.


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