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Maso no Fuin


Ninja Bio
Name: Maso no Fuin / Fuinjin Maso
Aliases: Maso the Dog, The Lazy Guardian, The Blooming Lotus
Codename: Maso Yunamotou
Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11"
Weight: (secret)

Maso's appearance varies depending on how much chakra she has and her mood. In her Normal form, her hair is some random colour depending on her mood, her eyes are green and she has a fairly full figure. In her incognito form, when she suppresses or runs out of chakra, her figure is more slim and flat, her eyes are sharper and black, and her hair jet, short and shaggy. (The reigning theory explaining this is an undocumented and diluted bloodline)

When Maso uses her 'contingencies' and her power grows, more shades are added to her hair, which shimmers like fire, and her pupils shrink to the point of disappearing.

Game StatsClasses: Dedicated Hero 3/Ninja Scout 3
Elemental Affinity: Earth
Starting Occupation: Mentored

Behaviour: Maso always has an extremely 'practical' outlook of things. Which usually translated to 'lazy'. When not on the job, she has a major self-motivation deficiency adn will laze around, dressed down. On the job, she'll wear aerodynamic (often revealing) clothes and fight to her fullest to accomplish any goal; a dramatic mind, she is stirred by strong feelings. However, she is also quite peaceful and will always look for a nonviolent end to any given conflict; she'll end fights quickly and without bloodshed whenever possible. Pretty sociable, quick to make friends.
Quirks: Tends to talk and act like an old person at times, having spent almost all of her life with monks and scholars well into their fifties or more. Bad with kids.
Hobbies: A fan of games an amusement. Has a stand up set she's perpetually working on but never gets a chance to perform. While not really needing the money (the stipend from the clan coffers usually covering her important expenses) she has a job as a serving girl in a tea house that a fellow clan member runs, the Fuinjin of course having to blend in with society
Preferred Sex: Bisexual
Objective: Prove her worth to the clan by fulfilling her guardianship of a junchuuriki. She's not particularly respected among the other Fuinjin due to her exceptional youth, among other things, and so seeks to correct that trend by remaining ever vigilant. She took an entire year of Ninja Academy, associating with almost no one, just to keep an eye on her jinchuuriki of choice, after all. Also some love would be nice.
Super Objective: Largely that of the clan; to perpetuate the safeguarding of the bijuu prisons until a more permanent solution is found. Being at that just-out-of-puberty age, she still seeks her goals in life. There is a will for peace and of escape from her duties somewhere in her psyche; the thought that one day a more permanent solution to teh Bijuu is found (within her lifetime especially) is something that brings great comfort. In other words, a world where it would even be safe for her to retire would be nice
Morale: Would die for her duties to safeguard the jinchuuriki.
Affiliations: The Fuinjin, and to a lesser extent the Leaf. The priority of her duties must rise above any mere village affiliation after all.


Sister Canoro. Maso's biological mother In the fuinjin clan familial bonds are looked down upon so Canoro generally doesn't treat her daughter like her daughter in sight of the others, but as another 'Sister'. Gave birth to Maso before leaving her old life to join the clan, so really feels a deep maternal love for Maso, though she rarely acts like a daughter, more like a best friend or coworker... until things go badly. When distraught, Maso will always turn to Canoro, almost as if her heart remembers she is Canoro's daughter. It is a painful task being a sealkeeper, what one must give up for the greater good, but with Canoro's history she knows the importance of the fuinjin. More on that later. One of the few fuinjin under the age of 40, if just barely. In public, uses a de-aging technique to make herself look more virile. User of Mokuton and, of course, fuinjutsu

Beast-Tamer Inuko. Former 'sister'. A little younger than Maso and the only other 'child' in the fuinjin, they were inseperable. Lovers, even, and perfect partners in craft and on the battlefield. A fiesty girl who knows only the importance of the jinchuriki and Maso's heart, but not the emotional wealth to comprehend her duty to the former. Seeks the definite solutions to complex problems. Uses a whip and hypes herself up as the future 'Bijuu Trainer'. She wants the beasts tamed as part of that ultimate solution and one suspects part of this idea was brought on by thoughts of living peaceful normal lives with Maso as they sometimes talked about in their earlier years. In recent years she has gone so far as to ally with a faction of the fuinjin considered so radical it has been forced to leave the greater clan and been forbidden from being near any jinchuuriki again, their ideals instead being to harness the power of the bijuu to ensure a time of peace (japanese stigma of mutually ensured destruction-driven initiatives here); she is near the top of the 'Tamers' faction, and so couldn't wiggle out of the blame. Were she to meet Maso again, she would likely go to great lengths, perhaps even being distracted from her goal of influencing/capturing a jinchuriki for her super objectives, to convince Maso to join the Tamers by her side. She is much more skilled than Maso, particularly in genjutsu and the hijutsu of the Nara clan

'Boss'. A brother in the clan, an old man who runs the tea shop where Maso works as a waitress. Generally a good guy, makes a hell of a cup of tea, but is a bit of a horndog in his old age; when Maso screws up, he'll often punish her by making her wear her 'promotional' costume (a skimpy ensemble that draws more male customers until her debt for whatever she broke is paid off). Maso simply calls him 'oyabin' ('boss')

Happier Times

-Inuko and Maso in simpler times of peace, before circumstances tore them apart
(1 year ago - word has it Inuko's had a growth spurt)

Moral Code of Power
The wider implications of the code of Fuinjin
The Fuinjin believe strongly in the understanding of power as a branching off of their main objective; they meticulously compile all knowledge that they can of all techniques, collecting techniques and even bloodline sin their ranks. If a tehcnique exusts, it's a sure bet somone in the fuinjin knows at least of it, and with their time almost exclusively devoted to expanding their knowledge and pwoer for the express purpose of keeping such things from those that would abuse it, they mor eoften than not have someone capable of performing the technique. (Harvesting dojutsu, Kakashi-style is not unheard of on the bloodline front) For this code of the fuinjin, to compile and neutralise, Maso has the additional prerogative of seeking out those who abuse power and taking it from them, and to acquire great knowledge and power in her own right that she may properly contain it.

Due to this code, there are sections of the fuinjin, including Maso and her mother, who believe the jinchuriki's duty would be easier protected if it were within the clan itself; for this reason, Maso would be prepared to martyr her own freedom to contain a bijuu

Founding of the Fuinjin
After a great ninja war tore the world to shreds, the seventh Hokage stepped down in disgrace, to forever be remembered by the general public as an appeaser, far too empathetic for the world of ninja. Grim a prospect as that is, the world had descended into chaos once more and villainy sprung from the woodworks, its aim set upon the jinchuuriki and harvesting the bijuu. The Seventh was indeed a being of great empathy - some say a bloodline was at work, the 'power of souls' she was supposedly known for manipulating her judgement. Free of her responsibilities to the village, she wandered the land doing good with her great powers until she happened upon the plight of Jinchuuriki. The exact circumstances of her revelation are unknown, but after defeating the Harvest, and organisation dedicated to gathering power for what they believed were the endtimes, she founded the fuinjin with her remaining exiled allies and dedicated the remainder of her days versing the next generation in her ways; to be one with all people, and yet none, to know thyself, but also thy cause. As sealkeepers, the fuinjin's greatest destiny is to safeguard power from those who would exploit and abuse it, and it comes no greater than in their eternal duty to the jinchuriki as their invisible protectors. They have done well to maintain the seals for the last two centuries, or as well as they can with dwindling numbers and disproportionate strength. The occasional 'accident' does occur.

The secrecy of the fuinjin and their frowning upon placing importance upon bloodline makes genealogy near-impossible to track beyond two generations, if even that is possible. Maso knows only that her father was born into her clan while her mother was not; she hears talk he still lives on an assignment far away from the village. She has not seen him since she was very small, but from that unfamiliarity thinks of him more as her father than 'Brother'. There's rumours her father has a bloodline ability related to the Seventh Hokage, but Maso has not been shown to have them at this time; it's possible her superiors have sealed her bloodline, assuming it didn't skip a generation.

One of the few Fuinjin in this generation to not have been born into the clan (along with Inuko), Maso's mother (see the allies section) rarely talks of her time outside the clan. She has mentioned in passing, while tipsy, she joined to repay a debt of regret, and the debt she owed the clan for her sibling, but never said more than that. She didn't marry into the clan, she joined independantly. Unbeknownst to Maso (or at least unconfirmed), her Mother had a jinchuuriki in her immediate family...

Mother Maso raised Maso by herself most of the girl's life, of course, and imparted a great deal of her moral teachings as well as technical; the greater spiritual implications of the fuinjin and such. Her guidance has made her understand the need for the fuinjin, in an emotional way Inuko never could.

They totally did it. See the allies section for more, they knew each other since Inuko was brought into the clan at 5 (when Maso was 8)

Recent Events: The Tamers
The Tamers are an organisation that splintered from the fuinjin. They believe more in individuality and in drawing their duty to a close with a more permanent and risky solution, or at least the more grounded do. Whether they agree with the ultimate goal or not, all members of the Tamers, now cast out by the fuinjin, work towards harnessing the bijuu of the world - particularly before the next ninja war occurs and tears half the world apart. But of course not all members are so noble to be motivated only by the 'greater peace'.

Maso's training
Maso has access to a wide variety of masters in the fuinjin who have particularly responded in recent moths to better equip her to guard the jinchuriki. They generally refuse to teach her hijutsu, not trusting her to use it correctly ('if some genin goes around using hundreds of unknown moves, the world will get suspicious, particularly if you do it in the purview of those that know that the Nara techniques are now solely to be found in the fuinjin clan'). She hopes to attain at least chuunin level soon so they shall trust her to maintain her cover better. She is fully equipped in knowledge of all things related to her assigned bijuu and jinchuriki - everything anyone would ever need to know. She has been trained since she could walk as a sealweaver; it is her greatest skill.

Maso's time in the classroom
Despite knowing everything needed to be a ninja from the clan's mentoring, Maso has been assigned to guard the jinchuriki until they graduate and can be put into a group under one of the clan's jounin. However (if I am picked) that jounin will be preoccupied with a more important assignment, forcing Maso to stay on the genin program to be the sole fuinjin on the team to guard the jinchuriki (her presence there being no accident - the fuinjin should have plenty of strings to pull when they need to). WHile in the classroom, Maso acts generally lazy and aloof. Despite being largely sociable, she doesn't know how to handle such young people and so is generally content to let people think of her as a fool; being the oldest in the class by a long, long shot, combined with her constantly suppressing her chakra and acting so lazy to actually SLEEP through many classes (knowing all she needs to know anyway from her mentoring, creating the illusion to her teachers who see her results that she's some magnificently lazy genius), it leads the other students to the conclusion she's such a terrible ninja that she's constantly repeating the academy class with no hope of graduating even in these demanding times. That she should graduate will likely be a surprise to most everyone, who will assume there was some sort of mistake; keeping her chakra suppressed, she'll be glad to maintain the illusion of her being weak.... until the time is right

"There's more to me than just a famous name."

Name: Rokaru Namikaze
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Class: Fast Hero 2 / Dedicated Hero 2 / Shinobi Adept 2 (Eventually planning to go down the Elementalist/Devastator road)
Occupation: Academy Student
Element Affinity: Earth

Despite being caught in the twin situation of both trying to live up to the rather heavy burden his lineage has placed on him and separating himself enough from it to forge his own path, Rokaru (Rock to those who know him) is nothing if not personable - he has a warm, friendly demeanour that's usually exhibited best in the faint, almost dreamy smile he's always sporting. Rock has the gift of getting along with anyone, whether they're receptive to his attitude or not and doesn't carry grudges for long - everyone always gets a second or third chance. Despite the easy-going attitude, he's an able and determined student who, despite being a good three years older than the other genin, doesn't let it slow him down or even embarass him in his pursuit to be an able shinobi.

When not in class or training, Rock often writes in the notebook he always has in his backpack. He's not particularly secretive about it and the few times someone has asked to look, he's been more than happy to show it to them and accept any praise or criticism they have for him.

While an open book for the most part, the only thing Rock has been fairly secretive about are the pair of yellow sunglasses he wears on top of his head but never seems to put on. When asked about it, his simple response are they they once belonged to a friend, before segueing into another topic so smoothly, it's fairly obvious that he's fielded and deflected this question many times before.

DescriptionRock has inherited his family's tendency for blonde, spiky hair though his a great deal longer and shaggier, hanging well past his ear and touching his shoulders. The hair also house a pair of yellow-lensed sunglasses that manage to stay put no matter what manner of acrobatics Rock puts his body through. His fringe hangs low over large, light blue eyes set in a handsome, some would say even girl-ish face.

In terms of clothing, Rock dresses quite oddly, even for a village such as Konoha. He tends to prefer shirts and pants in various shades of blue and black but they'll always be accentuated by a long scarf wrapped around his neck and trailing down his back. A battered backpack holding most of his heavier supplies is slung across his back while a belt pouch and shuriken holster strapped to his right leg takes the brunt of his weaponry choices.

"I want a nifty quote too."

Name: Anri Uchiha
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Height: 4' 9"
Weight: 78 lbs
Class: Fast Hero 2 / Smart Hero 3 / Sharingan Bloodline 1
Occupation: Academy Student
Element Affinity: Wind (Fuuton)

Anri Uchiha is the current 'darling' of the Uchiha clan. Unlike her older sister, Masami, she's quite skilled in both ninjutsu and taijutsu. While her fuuton affinity isn't the preferred variety, it's not particularly disliked either. She's progressed through the basic shinobi training a little more quickly than her sister, resulting in their being in the same graduating class.

PersonalityAnri's behavior is awkwardly split between trying to please both her older sister
siblings, duh. Only heartless people don't value family and Anri isn't heartless.
Masami and
On whom she has a major crush.
Hitomi Hyuuga She's torn between doing her best, working her hardest so that she'll be skilled enough for Hitomi to notice and not showing the full extent of her abilities in public to try and preserve some of her sister's dignity.
Towards others, her demeanor depends mostly on who's around; among her peers she can be quite the show-off and braggart, when elders are around, however, she closes up, speaks little, and tries to go unnoticed. While she has developed her Sharingan eye, she has kept that as close a secret as possible.

Beyond her need to be accepted, her true colors fall along a more moderate route. She is very proud of what she can do, but thinks it's unfair use such narrow terms to gauge a person's worth. She likes to be the best at something and when she's there, she'll help out those still struggling to get better (but she'll kill you if you tell)

DescriptionAnri is built slight and maybe a little shorter than average. Her hair is the usual Uchiha black with the typical pale complexion and dark eyes. She likes to be mobile and so carries minimal equipment and wears non-restrictive garments; she displays her clan's emblem on her belt.

BackgroundThe life on Anri Uchiha hasn't been the most noteworthy, she has, after all, only had eleven years so far to leave her mark on the world. Her childhood can be considered largely ordinary for the child of a shinobi clan; playing childish games, drinking tea, listening to her family's tutoring, attending the academy, respecting elders, doing chores. . . the usual; with perhaps two stories worth telling in full.

Being the child of a branching family line usually means you get overlooked in favor of the main line. Usually, but that's not the case for Anri and Masami. Though their father, Fuyuki, is the younger brother of the current head of the Uchiha clan and not head himself, his older brother, Keroro, is unmarried and currently without children, causing Masami and Anri to get rather more attention than they usually would. Although this extra attention hasn't been good for her sister, Anri has managed to captivate many of the elders in the clan with her abilities and it has been suggested that, even though Masami is the eldest, Anri might make a good choice of heir for
It may have been a bad idea to watch a Sgt. Frog marathon right before writing this. . . I'm going to try to give all the Uchihas Sgt. Frog names now. Yes, I'm unoriginal and shameless, with names at least.

Of course, if you were to ask eleven year old Anri what her greatest accomplishment was, it wouldn't be impressing her clan's elders but rather her successful re-opening of the
I'm not making this up, click the link.
famed Uchiha Senbei, a small cafe, specializing in senbei, that the Uchiha clan used to operate before their massacre. About a year ago, Anri stumbled upon the abandoned shop while exploring some of the older districts of the city. Though it was in a great state of disrepair, she managed to make out the word 'Uchiha' on the faded sign and asked her father about it. Learning about the shop that used to be, and being a great fan of the snack herself, Anri asked if he would fix the place up. He wouldn't, a ten-year old's request just wasn't enough reason to repair an old building and re-open a cafe.

Anri, disappointed by her father's response, decided that she would fix the place herself. Over the course of the next month she would spend most of her free time at the shop, doing her best to clean it up with the help of her friends, Sakuya and Rokaru. Though she didn't have much luck with repairs to the building, she did re-paint the sign and set up essentially a lemonade stand for tea and
senbei are crackers that go with tea, so yeah.
crackers After a few weeks of this, news of her 'cafe' began to spread, most people thought it merely a cute thing for a child to play at, but her cousin,
He's older, maybe 20
Geroro, thought it might not be such a bad idea after all. He borrowed some money, and along with Anri's help had the shop fixed up properly. He now operates it and, to Anri's delight, it has become quite the popular stop in downtown Konoha.

Official RivalryThrough her years in the Academy, Anri has clashed several times with the Hatake known as Arashi, not only does he have the audacity to walk around with stolen property of her family, but he's somehow garnered the attentions of Hitomi Hyuuga. Unforgivable!

Name D Stone
Age: 10
Chakra Affinity: Suiton
Class: DH/FH
Fighting Style: Gunslinger



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