This thread is for any announcements that I might have, with the first being:

The deadline is officially being moved to Wednesday, September 19. If anyone who is currently working on an app needs longer than that let me know and I will probably change it, but for the moment try to get everything finished by then.

Alright, I have made my decision! The players are as follows:

Amelia, played by KellyCat
Hatake Arashi, played by Sturmm
Ishimaru Sakuya, played by darkninja0200
Mitarashi Angi, played by zenninpo
Namikaze Rokaru, played by DoubleL1987
Uchiha Anri, played by Yui_

I thank everyone for applying. It was an extremely hard decision, but this is it.
I'll give everyone some time to decide connections with each other while I get everything prepared for the beginning of the game. I wish the best of luck to everyone and hope you all have fun!

Alright, with my long absence I figured everyone should get an explanation even if they don't really care. Basically, I got caught up in college and had little time for anything else. Between studying, power outages, finals and flying across the country I've been putting off mythweavers for the last couple months. However, I am now on break and am hoping to get everything up and running again. With that said, I am asking for a roll call to see who is still around and willing to keep going.

I think I'll wait for a couple more days just to see if anyone else replies now that the christmas rush is over.


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