Notable Figures

Notable Figures

First up is the other genin. Again, feel free to use them in backgrounds and the like. It'll give your character some connections when the game starts and adds a bit more to the fact that you've known them for several years.

Inori Yamanaka: The latest scion of the Yamanaka Clan, Inori is a cheerful and highly social boy. Very rarely is he seen not surrounded by a group of friends, making jokes or poking fun at anyone and everyone who's out of earshot.

Daiki Gumoshin: A member of the small and reserved Gumoshin Clan, Daiki is a quiet four-armed boy who often glares at anyone who gets too close to him. He is never seen without four katanas strapped to his back and hips.

Hitomi Hyuuga: Hitomi is the only daughter of the Hyuuga Clan Head and is currently the heir, having defeated all of her cousins at the age of 7. She is known to be a prodigy in the Hyuuga Clan's techniques, but also has a reputation for being an ice queen, refusing to talk to anyone she doesn't acknowledge the strength of.

Masami Uchiha: Masami, a timid member of the revived Uchiha Clan, is widely considered to be a great disappointment. While she has talent in genjutsu, she has little skill in taijutsu and is only passable at ninjutsu. To make matters worse, her chakra nature is suiton, the polar opposite of the Uchiha's two main elements, katon and raiton.

Eiji Inuzuka: Coming from the Inuzuka clan, Eiji is a prime example of the clan's typical confidence and loyalty and is rarely seen without his partner, Kohaku. However, despite his skill and talent Eiji is often looked down on by the rest of his clan due to Kohaku, who is a wolf that Eiji found abandoned as a pup and insisted on keeping. Their partnership has also led to the two being outcast by the other children due to Kohaku's wild nature.

Yuki: An orphan civilian boy, Yuki has very little talent in any of the ninja arts and, in fact, only barely passed the Academy Exams. Despite his failures, he's very friendly and is one of the few people that even Inori won't snipe at. He's also rather quirky, always wearing a heavy hoodless cloak at all times of the year.

None of you have seen him personally before but there is a small bio on him as a teaser for the upcoming all male Konoha Annual Jounin Calender............


Apperance: He sports simple black shirts often muscle shirts or tight fitting clothing of some sort (kinky much ?) he refuses to spend any real money on his clothing since it gets destroyed daily. His pants are a baggy green camo with bindings behind the knees to keep them snug while still being loose (comfort and style nice, nice) he is seen in other colors but in general its the same style. His lower face is covered by a scarf often red, black or dark blue (mysterious and sexy this ones is the whole package) he keeps his forehead protector around his neck to secure the scarf keeping it from coming out during combat. His casual clothing is a black and red leather jacket a mystery girl (Riko cough*) bought him since he refused to buy anything nice often worn with no shirt under it (GASP Riko you lucky girl) and he wears it with the only pair of jeans he is ever seen in which are a dark navy blue. As far as physical form his body is cut like the Hokage Mountain and his eyes have a narrow black iris giving any lady the shivers with his intense gaze. His skin has a weather beaten quality making look like a real man should no baby soft hands here girls Zanny is ruff, ruff, ruff.

Fun Facts
He shops at the local used book store for what no one knows.
If you are in the know its clear that Riko and Zanny bear are dating anyone who says different is blind.
He has been spotted walking back into the village soaking wet many times maybe a late night swim (bring me next time !) ?
He owns the second largest weapon collection in the village clearly a man who knows his way around a ninja tool.
He walks around with a giant sword strapped to his back and you know what they say about big swords ladies ?
During the local Pet Adoption Center's move across town Zanny carried a metric sexy ton of supplies with his bare hands to the new location including a large basket of kittens. Of course Riko was right beside him acting as his beautiful cheerleader.

Nozomi Yamanaka-

Asami Komoda: A jounin who was once considered to be a prodigy of her time but has been shunned by the majority of the village and most shinobi following an incident during a mission that is rumored to have involved a forbidden technique. Some say that Asami is really a demon, while others believe that she has been using some of Orochimaru's jutsu, but only she, the Hokage and very few others know the truth.

Kazuo Takaeda: Considered by many to be a genius, at the age of 25 years Kazuo Takaeda's skill in unarmed taijutsu is unparalleled. While he can use other types of techniques, he seldom needs to due to his talent and personal fighting style, the Iaiken. Although he is talented and skilled, Kazuo is quite laid-back and often takes naps when he is supposed to be training, claiming he needs the extra sleep to fully utilize his fighting style. This year the Hokage has finally forced him to take a genin team on and has given him Team 4, consisting of the highest scoring male, Eiji Inuzuka, the Rookie of the Year, Hitomi Hyuuga, and the Dead-Last, Yuki.

Arata Jinkourin: A 25-year-old descendent of Yamato, Arata is one of the very few people in the village today capable of using the Mokuton. Due to this ability he has experience in many different areas, switching from position to position as he is needed with his most recent assignment being that of a Jounin sensei to Team 9, which consists of Masami Uchiha, Daiki Gumoshin and Inori Yamanaka. A solemn and introspective individual, Arata enjoys writing and reciting poetry, specializing in haikus.

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