Elizabeth Unsterblich: Town Alchemist

Elizabeth Unsterblich: Town Alchemist

Name: Elizabeth Unsterblich (the last name means immortal in German).

Profession: Alchemist (owns an alchemy shop/laboratory that is the smaller partition of of an old and more-or-less run down manor). Notes on her alchemy: The form of alchemy Elizabeth practices is a mixture of "traditional" potion brewing from most fantasy and the transmutation/chemical reactions actual western alchemists attempted in history. On her person at any given time, will be a set of no more than six prepared potions and/or vials containing varying chemicals...These will essentailly be her "magical tool kit" and will take time to prepare--a few hours to a few weeks depending upon the complexity and/or power of the concoction.

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Visible age: 28

Actually age: Roughly around and/or close to 2400.

Back story:
Dozens of centuries ago, Elizabeth was a young noble woman of little renown and equal personal care toward political culture. She managed to avoid being forced into marriage and was able to focus upon her true--at the time, only--desire...delving into the mysteries of alchemy and the eternal youth the practice promises to yield. By the time she was in her late twenties, she had spent a little over half of her families wealth and at last created the fabled "Elixir of life." As time passed, Elizabeth was more-or-less able to hide her new found immortality from her peers, relatives, and enemies via both secretly trading in the black market and pretending to have been horribly scared in an accident--and thus able to conceal her form and face-to-face conversations.

However, other time this proved to be more and more a hassle on her part, as her vanity grew in light of her fixed health and youthful appearance versus the aging aristocrats that had plagued her early years. Additionally, the realization that those she loved would soon die of old age began to reach her mind. It was because of these two variables that Elizabeth devolped an eccentric/narcissistic twist to her personality which would bring both a boon and suffering to her neigh-endless life.

By her 111th year, Elizabeth had long since faked her own death, added "Unsterblich" as her new last name, and spent several decades adventuring among lesser villages and offering aid through her alchemic skill. By this time, her personality had finally stabilized in regards to handling immortality (whilst still retaining a bit of that old eccentric/narcissistic flair). She was now among the wealthy seats in the senate of a--then--powerful and benevolent Magocracy. Among her most notable creations during her time in the senate was a special
Yes, it is based off that thing from Bioshock.
elixir that temporary enabled one to generate and control elemental magic via a quick injection. Like the many years before, more had passed by rabidly before her unaging eyes. This further progression of time brought both the joy and perils of living with fellow immortals and finally war...

The war between the Magocracy and the joint efforts of three kingdoms (who all shared an intense hatred of magic and anything else they considered "unnatural") had struck--for the first time in centuries--a true fear of death that shook Elizabeth Unsterblich to her bones...She had seen the final death of many other immortals--all far older and vastly more powerful than she--and only survived the ordeal thanks to her mentor (who had learned how to make the philosopher's stone and use its power to transfer his essence into new bodies as a form of avoiding death) who died in the process (permanently so, as his efforts resulted in the stones destruction).

After the war, Elizabeth moved with her surviving servants and remnants of wealth to a far away location safe from the three kingdoms. Here, she made a decent mason as her new home and once again devoted her time to delving into the mysteries of alchemy...The fires of curiosity and the desire to best death were reignited as she began to look into research of the philosopher's stone. This would have to wait, however, as she soon found a village and later a town grow around her once solitary home. In an attempt to adapt, she converted a portion of her manor into an alchemical shop and occasionally hosted balls and eccentric parities to those who'd join--both an effort to maintain her humanity, and gain funds toward truly becoming immortal.

Quote: "Death is a disease, and unlike the majority of most know diseases...I have merely treated it, not cured it. You see, the latter is my--exponentially long--life's work."

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