Attack The Darkness


Vicky, seeing the others wounded badly, tries to call up the help of the spirits. It takes her a few moments to remember why they aren't responding to her plea. Failing that, she tries to finish off one of the wounded ones, so they at least have fewer to fight.

Styg Vytautus – Shade

Styg, dazed and grabbed, nonetheless tries to slide over and make an attack.
Main Hand: Battle Axe Off-Hand: Light Shield Worn: Lizard Bone Breastplate

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan takes a queue from Richard and tries to follow his example. Backing up he strikes at one of the darkmantles in the door.

Guan Tries To Kill Styg!

Jared's attack knocked back one of the darkmantles away from Styg. Richard tries to help Styg, but misses with his attack. Styg and Guan are inspired by Richard's attack, and make a couple of quick attacks of their own. Styg, despite being grabbed by one last darkmantle manages to strike the creature. His strike slides the darkmantle off of him and into the
he couldn't slide it anywhere else due to the doorway and allies.
corner near Guan. Guan, now surrounded by three of the aberrations, backs up a step and swings at the same creature Vicky just assaulted. The stress of the battle has caused ZhuGuan Yu to start sweating profusely.

As he swings he loses the grip on his weapon and it flies to the north. Styg manages to duck out of the way of the errant weapon as it clatters to the
It landed in square CZ62.
ground right in front of the darkmantle Jared had moved. Sweat pours into Guan's eyes as he realizes that he has no weapon any longer. The sweat is pouring so badly that he can't see a thing. Worse than that, with the sweat has come a terrible odor that just ripples off him in waves. John is close enough to notice the terrible B.O. which is actually making the revenant nauseous.

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