Character Creation

I would apologize for flaking but doesn't look like much in general has been going on. Still, I'm looking to finish my character today and hopefully start on Lindsay's - we'll see how far motivation takes me. Matt, do you have any sort of idea when you'd like/be ready to run?

Should be complete. There are some basic stats I need to copy in place I think, and I need a background, and I need to stat up his minion (which is probably just gonna be a venomous snake from Campaigns with paralytic venom and any excess points spent on DR or the like to make sure it doesn't die.)... but otherwise it's done.

I think you're assumed to start with a wardrobe appropriate to your wealth level. You don't need to buy clothes unless you want more/fancier clothing.

I've been super sick for the past week, so did not get a chance to work on Lindsay's character as I wanted. Will see what I can do today; obviously if we are going to start soon, I'll try and get it done and get her to sign up.

For the record, I'm going to be either at or traveling to/from a conference in France from August 25 to September 3, so my participation during this period will likely be spotty, if we do start soon.

Bumping this to keep the game from being archived, and to ping everyone on continued interest. I've invited Ryan to join us, and he seems excited about the prospect.


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