Kronabis is one of those weird characters for me in that he's not really got a driving backstory element that has him making goals, other than, well 'make a better arms.' No chasing, no family back home to support.

KK, what's the state of mundane medical knowledge from a societal standpoint? Is learning about the bodies of the Djinnborn from corpses forbidden and anyone doing so must have done it in secret?

And, as a general piece of knowledge, is Djinnborn medicine beyond "your elemental humors are out of balance, we will dehydrate you to restore your balance" type of diagnoses? Or does the background of the Djinnborn make that a valid way to treat someone?

Is there anything that we need to do to get this game in motion? If there are PCs that need help in development, I can offer to muddle through with some help!

I'm 99% sure my guy could use some work, I don't think I ever actually fluffed him out, but I can do so hopefully next time I get to sit down with my MM book


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