Part 3: The Other Shoe Dropeth


Gozzik Redknife

As the halfling yelled at the dead spider, he became more and more enraged, the spirits around him more and more frantic in their search for something to destroy; but when the spider suddenly vanished, Gozzik reeled as though struck.

He blinked, momentarily stunned, and the energy drained from him as the blood drained from his brightly-flushed face. The spirits faded into nothingness, and the diminutive warrior seemed somehow to sag, to collapse in on himself.

With an immense effort, he turned his head to look at the rest of the battle. Glancing at the enemies before him, the barbarian chose the one within reach, and dragged himself over to attack it.


Minutes felt like hours as the battle with Erylium continued, seemingly with no end. The heroes' mundane weapons, even when they did cut true into their otherwordly target, appeared to be largely harmless. The quasit's wounds healed quickly as she fluttered around the room's high ceiling, shouting obsenity-laced insults at the party. The summoner called forth being after being from across the planar void to fight on her behalf, and while the Heroes of Sandpoint vanquished them one after another, the attrition was taking it's toll.

The warriors were wounded, frustrated and tired, and on the very edge of defeat when the halfling barbarian, Gozzik Giantsbane, in a feat of utter rage and nearly immortal strength, thrust his greatsword skyward toward Erylium. It was a one-in-a-million strike, piercing point-first into the quasit's tiny frame, and with one last vile exclamation, the summoner's body literally exploded, bits of her appearing to spread out across the entire room before they collapsed back in on themselves and vanished completely in a puff of sulphur-scented smoke.

Several items fell to the floor, but even after a careful search of the area, no trace of the quasit could be found. It was unclear if she had, in fact, been killed, but what was clear was that she was gone, and that the party of heroes had survived.

The rest of the misplaced, underground compound was explored in full, but further incidents were minor, by comparison. The encounter with Erylium was easily the strangest and most significant happening to date for these unsuspecting adventurers. A minor demon, and a herald of Lamashtu with a shrine to the Mother of Monsters, hidden beneath the town of Standpoint, was certainly odd, to say the least. But stranger still was her mention of Nualia being her apprentice, and all the talk of "transformation" and "vengeance," since everyone in town knew that Nualia had been killed years earlier. More than likely, the quasit was mad, but there was no doubt this would be a topic of great interest as the party of heroes recovered from battle and gathered to plan their next move...

(The story continues in Part 3-C Interlude: Strange Revelations)


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