General Gameplay Rules

When the game starts all items bought with the teams funds shall be transported with you to the starting/spawn chamber. You may use whatever items you want from your stash. Unlike traditional attack and defend games where your body disappears on respawn, yours won't. Instead it shall become a fully intractable part of the environment.

When you die you shall only respawn with the items that were on your character sheet before the game began. Any team items you may have had on your person will be left with your now dead corpse and will be available to be looted by whomever it pleases.

Due to this added layer of detail any deaths and the items left behind should be detailed in the notes section for your game. Any loose items left laying around at the end of the game shall be marked as spoils of war and shall be given to the victor.

A pile of five dead bodies equals a low wall.

If for whatever reason a game dies and goes inactive for a week the game shall be called due to said inactivity.

Capturing a Position: In order to capture a capture point you must remain within 10ft of the capture point for 3 rounds. The capture process is interrupted if at any time there are more enemy's in the capture area then allies.

Winning: You win when all capture points have remained in your possession for 10 rounds or more, or the enemy gives up.

Post Game: During post game your shall be rewarded gold and xp based on your kills.

When posing your actions for the round only post your cordinates publicly everything else post in spoiler tags.
EX. 1 A 7
THis means that yoru are in section 1 tile A7