Message from Lt. Horace "Deep Fry" Frye to Billy Zapp

Received on 318-1116

Big Boom, you son of a gun! Heading out to start the Sixth Frontier War, are we? Officially I'm supposed to tell you to observe the truce, keep the peace, blah blah blah. But between you and me, the more Zhodani butt you kick while we're not looking the better. They sure as hell ain't gonna show you no quarter -- you remember, I'm sure.

Anyway, here's that catalog you asked for. I wrote a few entries in by hand; not exactly sanctioned if you know what I mean. You didn't get this from me.


Deep Fry

P.S. Commander Whimper says hello. Along with a few other, saltier things.

((Enclosed is the information on page 86-104 of the Core Rulebook.))