The New Arena of Ideas (In-Game OOC)

hey did you get a chance to give any thought to that thing in my thread?

Er, Zuri? Actually...

My original plan was to have each crane attack one Erylium. I modified the battlemap AFTER I saw the result of the confusion rolls.

For fairness's sake, we should roll to see which crane got what.

EDIT: On the flipside, if we don't do that, the point of the mirror image is moot, since NOT disappearing after taking the hit means we know which is the real one.


No posts for a day?
My world has come crashing down on me!

Seriously though, I was just a mite bored.

Meh, a bored me is a flat monotone me. A tired me goes spastic and prone to go ballistic.

I disbelieve. Your eidolon is currently at 0 HP. You only have a two-armed tickle attack.


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