Exploring Castle Rivenroar

"It does not look like even the Red Hand come this way... so maybe we should go back the other way,"says Panitari as she looks at the floor

"Hm... I don't disagree." Dawn leads them back down what might be where Sinruth comes from after inspecting the floor.

With the majority deciding not to risk traveling down the cracked-up floor, the group follows Dawn's lead. Instead of trying to find their way around through the alcove room immediately, she suggests they head back towards where Sinruth had come from. With Slygoth and Vegan up front, they head back to where they fought the last group of hobgoblins.

They head up a small flight of stairs and then follow down a hallway. it opens up into an odd shaped room. Inside the room are half a dozen menhirs. They are fairly narrow and stand about eight feet tall. They are noticeably cold. Leaning against many of the menhirs are different, but recognizable suits of armor. The two
AAM12 & AM15
closest to them have Bel's hide armor, and Zorn's heavy shield up against them. The one that is almost directly
behind Zorn's shield has the city guard chainmail armor that was given to Slygoth by Councilman Troyas. Then finally, way in the back where the light is dim, they can see Zorn's Platemail hung up on the one that is
furthest away. There is a light film of frost covering all of the armor's touching the menhirs.

In the north, barely visible in the dark, is a set of doors that are open. Thy seem to be leading to a passage that almost immediately heads to the west, but the light isn't covering the back of the room well enough to be sure...

Dawn cautiously inspects the room and waits after suggesting the others don their recovered armor.

Bel helps with the search, not liking this room much either and muttering about it in elven the whole time. Then she dons her armor and spits on the red hand armor, leaving it piled in a corner.

As Dawn looks around the area, searching it for anything other than the obvious armors, Bel moves over and grabs her armor. As she grabs the lightly frosted armor a
3 Cold Damage
chill runs through her body. As Bel moves the armor away from the menhir the frost begins to thaw almost immediately. She quickly switches from the smelly hobgoblin armor into her own armor. It may be a little more cumbersome, but it provides her with better protection. Bel then helps search the room. The two of them find nothing else of value in this section, but who knows what lies beyond those open doors to the north.

Dawn takes a closer look at the menhirs. They are naturally very cold. Standing to close to them, or touching them can cause some discomfort from the cold as Bel discovered, but nothing serious. She isn't sure why the stones have this ability perhaps it is an ancient enchantment that has faded with time, or maybe it is the result of the Year of the Blue Flame.

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