Welcome to the Dark Heart of the Jungle

Welcome to the Dark Heart of the Jungle

I'm looking to run a long term game, I'm still pretty new to the post to play style of GMing so be patient with me. I'm pretty flexible on class and race. Lantern was a seaside community that had a diverse community, sorcerer's make more sense than wizards but, like I said, I'm flexible.

I hope we can make an great game :-)

Hi! I've got a lot of heart for the Golarion setting and would love to be considered for your game.

Thinking Cleric of Gorum with negative channel, looking for a good fight or two to honor the Lord in Iron.

Would you like apps via pm or will you put up an application thread?


Currently running PFS Human archery Ranger, but would love to try the character outside of PFS. I've got a fair amount of 3.5 and PFRPG experience, but I tend make straight forward builds. Not really a min/maxer when it comes to builds, but I do put some energy into good tactical play. Prefer GM's who apply rules e.g. penalties for firing into melee without Precise Shot, allowing T10 and T20 where appropriate, etc.

I'm always looking for longterm games and would love to take a Ranger to lvl 20 in this lifetime.

Color me intrigued - I've got a Half-Orc Barbarian riffing off of Grom Hellscream and Conan who might have a ball fightin' oversized monsters in de jungle and leading a band of equally crazy militia.

So, since I sent the PM on time and all, I was selected (I think).

Quick note, though, that I didn't think about before-- I have no experience with Golarion. Though I'd love to learn about it, I definitely don't have the time to do so right now, and would have to pick up on stuff as the game progresses. Will that be a problem?

I said in the game-thread that I was applying with a Half-Orc druid. I'm still up for that, but if none of the accepted people want to play the melee'r, I can take a swing at that instead.

Half-Orc Druid works fine for me

So we've got the ball rolling. I'm going to need a character sheet for each of your characters, and as detailed a back story as you feel like writing.

I'm going to make a characters thread for easy reference once I have everyone's details. Is anyone bothered by me doing most of the rolling? It just keeps things moving along so I don't have to ask for the roll, wait for the roll, then describe what happens, know what I mean?

I'm willing to follow your lead. I'll offer rolls whenever I think they're relevant, but if something happens that requires a roll from me, please feel free to roll it so I'm not slowing the game down.

Have you ever gamed online before? If not, there'll be some bumps in the road, but it'll get easier as you go on. Combats, especially, can be a little complicated because of all the back-and-forth that happens on tabletop. If you'd like to see how I run combats, I'd be glad to post my rules. But I don't want to force anything on you.

Character sheet is just about done. Haven't worked up much of a background yet. Will try to post soon (this thread?). Even after I post it, if the other characters request me to fill a different party role, I gladly will.


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