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Let's Pretend

Let's Pretend

Say that we are pilgrims that just discovered new land and we decide to settle there. We start as a small town and have no ruler, no rules yet and are just..... Living.

In the discussion let's talk about the land that we discovered what shall we name it. Where is it located, on an island? In the mountains? On a great plain. We must discuss it.
What's our religion, do we have gods?
What's our race? Are we human, Elfs or even dwarfs?
Last but not least Who are you in this land and how do you benefit. Are you a warrior, a cook, a farmer?

Make your character and post it on here.
Discuss what the land will be called and etc.
Even place pictures that you think could be our land.

First post ever so let me know how I did.

Not sure what this is supposed to be and so where to move it. Some sort of game or collaborative writing or what?

I kinda got bored and wrote it and thought we could have a good discussion as if we where apart of the story. It has no relatives to any game intel so it has nothing to do with any game..... But we could make have something to do with a game or movie. I hope this gives you more info on what I'm doing, if not reply back, I would be more than happy help.

All I know is...

I will build a dispenser.

That is all.

This is oddly interesting, not much of a writer but i'll give it a go.

I'm thinking the people being tribal maybe just after the change from nomadic to stationary and agricultural. The men and women of the tribe while have different duties are seen as somewhat equal with the Elders of the tribe comprise of the older men but the most respected position falling to a shamanesse or healer. The belief structure focuses on what the people see or experience so a belief in deified aspects of nature would probably suit. As a young man living in this tribe it would be expected of me to become a provider for the tribe falling to a hunter, builder, or farmer. the village is nestled in a valley near a lake fed by a mountain river the land is rich and the forest provides all that can't be grown. The people call the land Atama or "The land of the Mountain tears"

Oh, well welcome to British Columbia/AKA Atama. We all know it's called 'mountain tears' because clouds drift over the mountains all the time and sunny days spontaneously turn to rainy ones. These mountains have what we call Alak'ma'thool'a'thuk (bipolar syndrome).

I am a flintknapper for the tribe. I knap a bunch of knives and axes for every hunter. Flint stones are also integral for fire. There's massive elk around the mountains - strong creatures that are too slow to know how to run away and unable to fight an agile foe like us, despite their massive antlers. We cook a bunch of them. Their hides protect us from the rain and flint allows us to make fire very quickly from a reserve of dry wood we keep in a pit, covered by leather (un-stretched).

"So um... the food is plentiful. What about the women?" I ask the chief (or the guy sitting next to me, around the hearth). xD

Can we name this place "Arthuria". Just cause I like King Arthur. Also I think we should not have a Religion. Just a general rule of thumb that we help each other out and if anyone doesn't help someone we chop off their head and set the body on fire.

That is all for now.

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